The Boy and The Dragonfly

December 11, 2010
By MichaelD BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
MichaelD BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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He sat on the stonewall with his head to the sky and his small hands were delicately folded leaving a gap between his two palms, but his fingers fit in between each other perfectly, the tiny hands lay rest on the boys knees. The boys petite legs dangled less than halfway down on the stonewall. He sits facing the sun, on this particular day it was bright enough to make the boys eyes squint and cause him to look away. Beneath the sun lies a field of green grass stretched as far as the eye can see. Sprouted from the fields were trees and beautiful flowers, some pink and some yellow. The boy’s shirt once white, is now smothered in soot. His overalls are held up by the right button, the left button had been torn off at the seam. All throughout the boys overalls were patches of all different dark color varieties. The boy lowered his head to meet his hands, the hands unfolded. The boy examined his palms closely then began to trace the crevasses on his left palm with his right index finger. He felt the warm touch of his finger on his dirt covered palm. The boy hears a bird off in the distance, he looks up and finds the bird some 50 yards away parched on the edge of a long branch. The bird was a powder blue, and a darker blue around the eyes, the boy listens to the birds harmonic song. The pleasant him brought a slight grin to the boys face, the boys pleasure was interrupted abruptly by a buzzing sound coming from behind him. The boy heard the sound getting closer to his ear out of instinct the boy jolted to his left side, luckily the dragonfly kept on its path and flew directly past the boys ear. The boy sat back up straight and watched the dragonfly glide peacefully across the top of the grass. Soon the boy lost sight of the dragon fly, the boy was left staring back down at his hands. The boy in sudden discomfort placed his hand on his lower back and straightened his spine. The boy soon turned around and jumped off the wall landing on both his hands and feet, the boy composes himself and walks across the dirt path. There are no dragonflies on this side the boy thought to himself.

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