Smokey The Dentist

December 8, 2010
By kilki BRONZE, Auburn, California
kilki BRONZE, Auburn, California
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I can do it. Come on Lisa, you can do it. I kept saying to myself in a determined tone. Its just one little prick it can’t be that bad. I think the thing that scares me the most is that I don’t know this dentist. We just moved to Alaska so we don’t have a big option of dentists. So the one we are going to is the only one around for fifty miles. It doesn’t look to bad from the outside. The outside was a sage green with wooden bears carved out of big red wood trees, and it was actually cute and homey looking outside. As I stepped on to the wood porch to push open the old wooden door, the door creaked, kinda freaking me out. The noise made me feel like I was walking into a horror movie. As I walked in the whole atmosphere changed. It was dark and gloomy, kinda hazy and smelled like cigarettes really bad. When I finally could see through the big hazes of smoke I could see probably a dozen of different animal heads mounted on the wall... every single eyeball looking at me. “Oh god!!! Did that one wink at me? Oh man I am definitely not ready for this… aahhh it winked again!!!” I tried to catch my breath, and swiftly go to the front desk to sign in for the first regretful time. Oh I am dreading this, who even needs a dentist. I mean I’m young and healthy. I still got spark and spunk. “Hey honey, what is your name?” “L-L-L –Lisa “I said with a freaked out stutter. “Alright thank you, Dr. Pein, will be with you shortly” did she just say doctor pain? I thought to myself. I stood there kinda frozen at her front desk, in a hesitated brain fart way “oh, your worried now aren’t you, because of his name? Oh don’t worry it its spelled p-e-i-n, but only pronounced like pain. Don’t worry your only going to be in pain for a few seconds.” Before I could say anything this manly big ogerish woman bust through the back room door and calls my name “Lisa, Lisa turtle?” I focused to get out of my dazed trance and started to walk towards the back room. I just wish I could die right now. As I got through the door, I noticed how much more smoky it was back here. I started to walk by all the different sections created with curtains, that were suppose to be make shift rooms. They farther back I walked the louder and louder it seemed to get. First I hear I drill there, and a scream over here, then all of a sudden a raspy loud old man dentist voice. “Lisa we are actually going to put you right here.” I jumped from how loud he was talking. He must be going a little deaf, or the sound of my heart beat in my head is finally gone, allowing me to hear a lot better. Looking at this man is quite a sight. “You must be miss turtle” he said. He gave me a big toothy grin, showing me his yellow stained teeth. Yuck, I thought he was a dentist, what’s with the nasty teeth? “Umm ya, I’m turtle, I’m mean turtle Lisa, I – I-I” “well don’t hurt yourself now” he said with deep chuckle, leading into flemmy raspy cough. “Well you come sit your little rump in this chair and let’s take a look at those pretty little gums of yours” he said overacting the perkiness. As I slowly start to walk I tripped over the rigged up drill and fell into the chair face first. Finally when I am able to get my rump in the right spot, the plastic squeaked making it sound like I had farted. “Well just let er’ rip” he said laughing in a joking manner. “Oh, I didn’t” “oh I know it was the plastic right?” he smiled with a wink. “But it really was” I said trying to be convincing. “Right” he said, coughing, and hacking. He spit in the sink right next to me, and whatever had just hit the bottom of the sink made a loud ding noise. “Oh that one is gonna stick! Oops I will have to clean that up”. He said with a weird smirk. Oh man this is gross, I’m going to get some type of disease in mouth and die. Eww eww eww. This is so gross. As soon as I thought it couldn’t get any worse in the hell house, the dentist said to me “he do you mind if I light one up?” Before I even had the chance to answer he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and started to smoke. He then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back quickly so that I was laying down flat on the dentist chair. He kept trying to talk to me but with his cigarette in his mouth wiggling up and down I couldn’t understand what he was saying. So I just kept nodding. He had me open my mouth and he started to look around with the mirror on a stick thing, which his was literally a piece of mirror duck taped on the wooden skewer that would be used for barbequing. Not thinking much about that I opened my mouth and he began to look. He stopped for a second and pulled his cigarette out and blew the smoke out not really thinking about it, he blew the smoke right into my open mouth. I tried not to cough or freak out, but that’s not exactly what happened. I started coughing so hard I though my lungs would get hacked out. After Dr. Pein had assisted me with a glass of water I was fine. He stuck his cigarette back in his mouth and started poking thing with the hook tool. That one was actually real dental instrument so I felt better about that. After finally thinking everything wrong could possibly happen, my dentist cigarette ashes fell right into my mouth making me gag… “Oh god” I said shocked “did your nasty cancer stick ashes really go into my mouth”? I yelled with disgust. “Please tell me I’m on the show You’ve Been Punked or something?” ugh seriously this is beyond unsanitary now. This place is worse then a port o potty. I then sat down into the chair so I can just get out of here. The longer I sit there, the faster it will go. Dr. Pein took his cigarette and put it out on the medal tray holding on the tools. He then grabbed the rigged up drill (that looked like it was partly made out of a tattoo machine) and started to drill my tooth that had a cavity. Wait no numbing cream or a shot? Oh jeez I’m done with this! I started to get up fast and as I started to raise my head the needle that was suppose to numb me went right into the roof of my mouth. “Ouch, oh so now you try to give me the numbing cream”. The pain from the shot hurt so bad I blacked out. BLACKOUT

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I am a new writer, and recently have gotten into writing differnet pieces

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