A Beautiful Lie

December 13, 2010
A long time ago in a big city far away lived an orphanage and, of course, and orphanage keeper. This orphanage keeper, Madame Des Paire, was absurdly cruel. Her life was devoted to shattering the spirits of the children within to make sure they'd never escape once they reached the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, Madame Des Paire's efforts had always been one hundred percent successful; all the children either died before they became adults, or entered the outside world with souls as tired as a bitter old man's. Until, that is, Hope and Faith met within the orphanage and became friends with a sisterly bond. Faith was the younger of the two at only six years old, while Hope was freshly sixteen and had seen the outside world.

Faith was infinitely intrigued by her friend's excursion and her questions came as often as words to a poet. When Faith asked what the city looked like, Hope told of shimmering lights, air as clean and fresh laundry, and inhabitants graceful as dancers. When asked what one eats city, Hope portrayed an array of magnificent, royal feasts and decadent delights. Each of Faith's questions was answered by Hope with a long, beautifully detailed answer. It was this glorious image of the world that made Faith so intent on graduating from the orphanage, unscathed by Madame Des Paire.

So came the day when Faith turned eighteen and finally left the awful orphanage. Once she entered the outside world, however, she realized that either Hope had a very different definition of marvelous and beautiful than she had, or Hope had lied. Puzzled and a little upset, Faith managed to located her long lost friend Hope to figure out what was going on.

"Hope, why did you tell me the city was such an amazing place when, really, it's mostly just filled with rude people, bland food and repulsive odors?"

"To save you. I gave you all you needed; Madame Des Paire is ineffective if you have powerful dreams. If it weren't for my stories, you'd be just like me and all the other kids; without a single hope or dream to call your own. You'd never have made it out alive."

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RoseWater said...
Dec. 17, 2010 at 1:42 am

I do like the meaning of the story, very much indeed. But I think that its a bit too short, or perhaps too fast. 


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