What Have They Done?

December 8, 2010
By WillHug4Money GOLD, Florien, Louisiana
WillHug4Money GOLD, Florien, Louisiana
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She looked out over the barren wasteland that was once her home. Was this what the entire world had come to? She didn't have the animosity to want to know.

The place where almost her entire family had fought: her eighteen-year-old brother, her father, her grandfather, even her mother. That was how much they wanted to protect, keep everyone safe. Especially her. They succeeded in their most important part, but died failing to go through with the other. She was the only one left. This was what the war had caused.

She wanted to kneel down to the ruins of the city and dig through them, just to remember the good memories that had happened there. But she was as stiff as a board, unable to inch down to the ground. There was a scream building up into her throat, but by the time it got there, she was voiceless.

Then, she heard something.

"Amabel." Her name. In a harsh whisper.

She froze up even more. After hearing her name a few more times, she couldn't stand to hear it again. She forced herself to turn on her heel. She was not alone.

The ghosts were coming for another war.

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