Coupled Differences

December 10, 2010
By Katja BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Katja BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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We are all one race. We all have four limbs, we all bleed red, we all have brains of a higher level than other primates. So why should things be judged by whether one is indigo, brown, tan, yellow, or white?

Let's take a trip through the past, shall we? Let's peer into the looking glass and view what was and compare to what is.
In the year 1980, one could go to the store, watch television, or even look out of their window to see a couple walking by. A cute, homely couple strolling the streets and enjoying eachother's presence. Take a look closer. Not a difference in sight save height and physical structure. Both are white skinned, brown haired, doe-eyed. Look acroos the street from them and spy another couple. Same ordeal except that their skin color is a few shades darker. They exchange glances as if to say, "My goodness. Look at... them." and go on their way. Normal for the time, and we leave it at that.
Skip ahead to Y2K. The same style couples are walking by and exchange glances reading "Hey there. How's it going?" and be on their way. We are going to tiptoe forward just an inch and stop on the year 2005. Two couples are walking by eachother. The man is black, the woman white. The other couple consists of a white man, and white woman. Looks are thrown to the lady with the black man to say, "My, my. Change of style, have we?" and down the road they stroll. Zoom forward and STOP! We are here. The end days of 2010. Four couples are walking down the street. One couple is a white man with a white woman, another is a black man with a white woman. The third is a white man and black woman, and the last couple is latino. Greetings and looks are shared saying "Hey!" and "How are you?" in pure courtesy of time. Politeness aside, one couple gets stared down as if they are the odd one out. Not a greeting or kind look in sight. The black woman flips her hair and the white man ignores the sneering looks and wrinkled noses as they walk by the other couples. The other three couples sniff in their direction, greet the others, and go on their way. Now, now, I know that this is very contraversial, but it is too true. The timeline is pretty much w/w and b/b, soon to be w/w and b/w, then here we are present with w/w, b/w, w/b, and l/l. And only one couple is the oddball. I think there is something a little off about that.

The author's comments:
I see too many a couple look at two people in such horrible ways. Because a man is white and his mate is black? What is wrong with that? But a black man and white woman is passible?

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