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December 10, 2010
By Isaiah BRONZE, New York
Isaiah BRONZE, New York
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As the gods argued in complete order, each of their thoughts dwelled in the atmosphere. Their argument was based on who would save the current day humanity. But each of them, having no experience with these beings called humans, had no doubt that they were unqualified to deal with this situation. After what it seemed like hours, they came to an anonymous decision. They would birth two beings from two different hosts. They decided each of these beings would experience the pain, suffering, and heart-ache of three lifetimes worth of disappointment in this world. They decided to reveal the powers that the beings hold to them. They also decided to write their destiny in the book of truth. The book stated that the boys will keep their powers a secret and when the time comes that one of the beings will release wrath to these humans, they will meet. The book states that they will have a great battle and the victorious will arise more powerful and will be the one that is destined to save the world.
Crack! Smash! That’s all I could hear from my bedroom. “Please stop”, my mom’s voice echoed through my blue two story house. From the distance, all I could hear was yelling, cursing, things smashing and then screams, cries for help even. After hearing this untill midnight, I heard my father slam a door violently and the house once again became silent. She appeared to me in my bedroom doorway. Being covered with bruises, cuts, and burns, she said three simple words, “pack your things.” I didn’t need to question. After 3 hours of packing everything and calling her job, we were finally ready. We took to the road and never looked back.

“Wow, this house is ….Wow.” I entered the light green house. It seemed that this house had everything. My long black hair bounced joyfully. My light blue eyes surveyed the house. “Where you get the house?” I asked my mother.” When my father died, he left it to us. I never sold just in case of a rainy day. Well that day has come. She said.” A silent glance of understanding was shared between these people. Remember Elizabeth, you start at Edward Brady school tomorrow.” From that moment, my mother and I started to unpacking our things. Silence filled the atmosphere. That very silence spoke a loud and clear message. This has to be the last time. We had done this before on many occasions but any other time we went go back with many apologies. Throughout that day, we settled into our new large house. As I get ready for bed, I convince myself this is the start of a brand new better chapter in my life. Little did I know I was horribly wrong. The next morning I woke up with joy. Afterwards, I went out to school. It took me a while to walk to school but finally I made it. As I walked through my school doors, I had a wide grin on my face. Finally things are turning out for the ….Oh s***! My heart pounds and trusts against my chest. I see a familiar face. Too familiar. My accusations are confirmed when he spots me studying his face and rushes over here with his eyes focused on me the pushes everyone out of the way. When he gets to me, I’m at my locker trying to act like I didn’t notice him. “You remember me.” His harsh voice causes my quaking body to stand attention. I say as fast as I could, while getting my books from my locker, “no umm Hi, I’m new. But that was a lie. Back in my younger years I had caught him smoking, a hid around him got lung cancer and died. He went to jury and I never saw him again. Until now, “you lying b******, you better watch your back”. The rest of my school day was substantially good. I had good classes and didn’t get that much homework. After school while I was heading home I bumped into someone. I was enjoying the scenery I searched in nature…bump. Sorry we both spat out in unison! Ha! Ha! Ha! Awkward enough, we both laughed the same way and at the same time. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, I Said I’m Sorry too, I was concentrating on something else. He said, “Hi, I’m Elizabeth,” I said. Hi I’m Richard he said. We then began to converse. It turns out he goes to my school and is in all my classes. Throughout our conversation, I feel a brotherly connection toward him. After that conversation the two of us decided to become friends. We exchange numbers and go our separate ways. As I see my house in view, at man is standing outside. Hesitating impatiently, checking his water and tapping his feet vigorously. I walk up to him. Hi who are you I sneakily reach into my pocket for my pocket knife. I may need it. He, he sys “um I noticed that someone lived in this house.” “Why does it matter to you” you see, I’m the landlord and if the camera of this house doesn’t give me money right now, I will evict, them. Well I live here with my mother in that house and I can tell you right now we don’t have it. We just moved here. His slimy eyes. Examine me up and down. I move the easily as he opens his mouth and speak. “I thing we can work something out”. His mouth turns into an evil grin. Can I come inside to discuss terms I let him in my house. As the agreement is carried out. I try to block our touch, his hardship voice. I try to forces this reality that happening right now to disappear. I try to imagine myself in a different place away from here a place where I didn’t have to do this. I felt as though he was treating me like a w****. Tears were forced through my eyes. I was disgusted with myself. It seemed like hours before he was finished. The only thought in my head was how much of a b**** he was to do such a thing to a child. Making me make a decision that would change my life and emotionally destroy me. As he put his clothes back on, he muttered words that would echo in my head for eternity.” thanks, you’ve got a nice piece of a** “as he left my house, I began to weep. I rushed into the bathroom, still crying, and scrubbed. I scrubbed where he had humped and touched me. I scrubbed where he violated me. Crying was the only thing that I could imagine doing at this point. I scrubbed harder. “Thanks”, you’ve got a nice piece of a**.” Those words echoed through my head and I cried louder and scrubbed harder and faster. I scrubbed and cried for hours, I was a disgrace. After I finished scrubbing, I dried off put some pajamas on and went downstairs to cook dinner. I cooked dinner and put it in the microwave for my mom. As I head upstairs, I grabbed a knife and headed upstairs. “Thanks, you’ve got a nice, piece of a**. I slip into my bed. I hold the knife to my throat. It’s soft but yet sharp at the same time what if I begin to cry softly. I heard my mom coming in from work and I force myself to sleep. With the knife still in my hand.

On my way to school the next morning, Richard calls me to say to me good morning. I try to hide yesterday .I try to make this conversation cheerful. I decide to never tell anyone. It’s bad enough how I felt about the incident, but if other people know, I would be forced to kill myself or unleash my power. When I get to school, Ii am greeted, by him again. He pushes me down and holds his pocket knife to my stomach. His breathe rocks of reeks of beer and alcohol. He mutters these words “what’s coming to you is what you deserve”. His words send a jolt of worry down my spine with those words, he leaves school and his gang friends follow him like mindless zombies. As I pull myself together, Richard greets me. I can’t describe the relationship me and Richard have its like we’re brothers and we just have the same personality. It’s weird; it’s like we were destined to be together, at this point in time. My day at school was an abnormal day. During our lunch period, Richard and I walked down into a secret room. We were drawn there. There we saw an arch shaped object. It appeared to be a portal of some sort but we couldn’t be sure. After school as I walked outside, on of Brian’s’ gang membered decked me to the grown spit on mr, kicked me in the b****, hard and handed me a letter. After that he left. As I layed their on the floor, I felt absolute pain, my parts were aching and it felt as though they stopped working. After being in pain for a while, ZI came around to reading the letter. In big fent, the letter read. This a** kicking is the beginning of your paon. I surveyed the area around me and rushed home. While I was approaching my block, I saw my mom with Brian. He waited until he made sure I was looking to do something horrible. He took an AK-47 and held it to my mother’s side. He grinned at me and he pulled the trigger. He then ran to my house to wait for me, I had just witnessed my mother be murdered. I felt as though my heart had been ripped out tears fell through my eyes I ran toward Brian in cautious rampage. When I get loodr enough he grabs me. He says “If you want to act like a b****, I’m gonna treat you like a b****. He grabs me inside my house and leaves his zombies army. When we get inside he says, “I’m goanna do you like I did these f******8 in jail.” It happened all over again. But this time, it’s more painful. Last time, I didn’t have the movie. I could direct my mind somewhere else but this time is not the same. First he stretches my mouth open so wide and puts his thing inside. I feel like I want to throw up force myself not to taste the violently does what he wants to with me. I cry as loud as I can. Why does this happen to me. I hear him whisper, “Now burn you b******”. One of his zombies brought his a big gallon of gasoline. She doused me within. It burned my eyes I then watched as he douched my house with this fluid. He then dragged me to my doorstep. “This is what happens to people who mess with
Brian Odonalch. I watch as he tights a small match. As the match falls to the ground, suspense builds in the air. I start to move toward the match but I an unsuccessful. When the fire hits the liquid, there is a blaze of fire. It locks as an inferno has appeared from out of nowhere. Brian spots on me and then leaves me. His gang of zombies quickly follows. The only thought in my head is that what happened was for nothing. I began to cry, flat out cry. I cried like I did when my grandmother, who I loved very much, dided. I cried harder than the time I was shot and put into the hospital for 14 weeks. I cried harder than I did when my dad had come home from jail. That was it, I know it was sent to this planned to save them. But look now they treat me look how life is. That’s it they have killed my mom burned my house and have assaulted me. That’s it. I will release myself. I search deep within myself. Inside my soul, I see a box that I know contains all my powers. The box glows and releases. Suddenly, in the natural real world, I have all the powers that exist. Whenever someone in this world thinks of a power, I automatically have it no matter how big or small or strong or weak. As the manifestation of my power takes place, a satisfactory grin spreads across my face. I think of my long-lost brother. He is the only person that would be able to destroy me in combat. Once, in my younger years, I had a dream. A meeting took place about something. I didn’t really know exactly what because my ear zoned out. After the meeting, one of the heavy debaters told me of a prophecy. This prophecy told of two children, a boy and a girl, battling to see which one of us would save humanity. After telling me this, he also told me that I was one half of the prophecy. He also told me of my powers. Now I know that that great battle will come to past soon, very soon. I then focus my mind to where Brian and his zombies are. As soon as I am in their sight, directly in front of them, I unleash a scorpion inside of his body before he has time to speak . Quickly the scorpion devours him and his zombies completely. I make sure they don’t die in the scorpions insides. I want them to suffer all the acid in there. Next I imagine my landlord suddenly choking on air. My senses tell me he is suffering the same pain Brian and his friends are. I leave him alive to witness all the destruction that he has caused. Next, I unleash a curse over humanity and the sky turns a pinkish –blackish color. Suddenly, creatures from all different types of worlds and universes rain down and wreak havoc. I watch as my old world comes crumbling down under my feet. Evil now rests in my veins.

Somewhere in the distance I feel that my brother has unleashed his powers. We now both know that a battle is about to take place. Suddenly, we are both standing face to face in an ancient battleground. As we fight heaven and earth tremble. Because we each have the same unique powers, we decide to battle with the 4 natural elements. Quakes, tornadoes, and floods overflowed into the outside world around us. As we come to a standstill in our battle, I notice that my long-lost brother is Richard. Confusion dwells within my body. He says to me it’s your choice. He then is dead. Startled over the loss of my brother, I cry uncontrollably. He makes his souls thought transfer into my head so we can converse. I ask him “if they did the same thing to you what would you do. He starts to respond but before he can respond the earth starts to decinigrate . He says ‘’it’s you it’s all you.’’ As that happens I take my life to make his life source alive again. He then saves the world by eliminating every threat to a utopia. After, he asks why. I say simply’’ I was impure’’

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This article has 3 comments.

educator said...
on Jan. 11 2011 at 2:40 pm
You are truly a gifted writer.  I am impressed with the way you approached the literary elements in your story.  You developed the main character in such a way that the reader could make a mental picture of the events taking place.  In addition,  you used forshadowing so that the reader was able to anticipate that something was going to happen that wasn't good.  At all times i was eager to read more.  Job well done!  I'll be waiting for your published book:)

crysnart said...
on Jan. 10 2011 at 2:50 pm
Wow, when you become a book author it will be a PAGE TURNER. I loved that this story had the elements of a mystery while incorporating science fiction and mytholgy. EXCELLENT Job

BluuDaze320 said...
on Dec. 17 2010 at 3:23 pm
Very interesting story. You could have the beginings of an epic movie. I wish it had been longer because everything happened too quickly! Keep writing, you'll be an incredible writer one day.

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