December 12, 2010
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The flower paddock was yards wide, with a beach at the back breaking it apart and a picnic area for lunches off to the side. I used to come here every Sunday for lunch with my Family. But no, not anymore, this is the first time in 2 years that I have been here.

I wonder around aimlessly, pacing back and forth, going and coming from one end to another. I walk towards a swing set surrounded by red and yellow roses. This is where I went on my first swing when I was four years old. I remember my mum picking me up and placing me on her lap as we swung to and fro. My head was tipped up to look at the sky. A butterfly’s touch of wind on my face, the sound of waves crashing in the distance and the laughter of my mother’s voice was all I could hear. Joy and happiness filled my heart.

One ‘GIGANTIC’ leap north and two small steps west of our front door should be an engraving of a love heart with the letters J.H, M.H and L.H inside. It stood for Jenny Herd, Mark Herd and Laura Herd, Mum, Dad and me.

We were always a close family, loving, caring, considerate of each other. At the front of our house we had a swinging bench. At nighttime we would sit, swing and sing to each other. Or mum would read stories to me and Dad. Tuesday night would be Lasagne night with movies and Sunday night was Banana Split nights for dessert. Occasionally we would have popcorn fights, which was SOO FUN... but cleaning up was SOOO NOTT.

I didn’t know looking through my picture album would bring back so many memories. It felt as if I was IN the photo’s wondering around in that flower field. But I’m now 21, living on my own and my parents are living on the Central Coast in Australia... while I’m in Tasmania, my birth place. Life is very different on your own; no mother’s to tell you to pick up the popcorn off the floor. Or no father’s to embarrass you at your school. You have to work out everything by yourself

I know that my parents are too close to forget... so they will always be with me in my MEMORIES.

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Alexia_Grey said...
Dec. 15, 2010 at 1:10 am
Whoops, sorry guys... i didnt mean to leave such a huge gap... Hope you liked it! :)
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