Path of over viewing

November 25, 2010
By Anonymous

A beaten path is taken once more. A girl with little hope and a spilt heart walks this tragedy. Sorrows and cries are heard on the road, dreams torn apart, right at the seams. Only the people that experienced the walk of this violent journey can understand. Judged eyes and meaningless words are those who will never know the pain which this path brings. The only question it answers is whether the soul is going to move on, and if the broken heart is going to let go. The winds talk to you, the whispers confront you. Many go down this road more than once but some don't learn the life lesson being taught. Some take the wise knowledge rarely find themselves stepping in the same footsteps that brought dark war over the mind and the person. Being left behind with shattered emotions and broken apart memories, is hopefully you'll be leaving when you walk is over. If you walk away and block your fear, many have learned the lost and forgotten become dreams and realities. Nightmares haunt your fancies. Not even your Constance can escape this black soul you have created with unforgiving and forgetting your past. Don't leave your problems behind for others to see, they come right back at you, with blood thirsty jaws, and sharp claws with little thoughts of turning around. Hurting and even destroying you is what it wants to do. Fear is nothing when you face the impossible. Playing mind games with your head, and seeing things that are not there. You better believe that while you're rotting from the inside out, remember a beaten down path could have helped you, and avoid all of this misfortune.

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