Reflection’s Struggled Reveal

December 9, 2010
By ASHMO BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
ASHMO BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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At a final settling the sun slipped into its nightly rest, making known the end to its daily shift and the beginning of another’s duty to illuminate the beings of mother earth. Yearning for simplicity’s embrace, a young woman sought comfort by placing herself further from the world high atop a mountain. The busy and complicated life below had captured her attention for far too long, taking her further and further away from actually living. Instead, she was soaring at a dangerous speed through the motions, the motions of her heart as it pumped blood, her limbs as they received messages to function, and her overexerted brain, as it now lay discombobulated at her feet. Completely filled to capacity and ready to explode, she became numb. As humanity continued to avoid her motionless body, she could only now feel the tight pull of her internal emergency brake and the awakening screeching halt that followed.

If she were to place her hand out to shake the midnight air’s grasp she could almost hold the city in the palm of her hand. Nothing could compare to where she sat now, contently elevated above an urban community that never rested. What currently surrounded her was so much better than the fading lights that had clogged her brain and distorted her vision. She was so far away that now she could vaguely make out the green, yellow, and red that was involved in her daily rigorous commutes. Looking about the rough road so often traveled, her mind played the memory of revving hot engines and the screeching as tires grasped the hot black asphalt. Pumping blood through her veins, her heart was now comfortable enough to drive away from the rigorous beat the city below had caused.
Feeling was slowly starting to return; she could now feel her legs as they dangled from the hard mound of crushed minerals. Her hands could now find comfort at her slender side, and while her palms made friends with the withered rock, her fingers could now wrap around the edge as she completed a welcoming hug. To her surprise the place in which she dwelled, greeted her tired lungs with unending amounts of clean and almost heavenly air. This was foreign, different, and it made her lungs selfish to take it all in. Although greed was not to worry about, from up here supply was giving and never-ending unlike the acceptance she had tried receiving below. So she took advantage, she was able, for no one else knew of this place, which was so different from the world she now gazed upon.

The teenager’s own thoughts were now all there was to consume her. Her eyelashes feathered the night air, moistening and enveloping the brown irises that deeply desired to capture all that was to be imprisoned. The tilt of her head from east to west slowly received what had driven her so far from herself. She had let the scene below capture all her attention, all her focus, and all her worth. The truth that she must conform to humanities patterns now shown such a lie. She sat in fathom, realizing her sad ability to unconsciously believe the world’s authenticity. This truth was so misleading it had taken her months to knowingly disprove of. She needed to pick up the brain that lie beside her and now rediscover her real self. Who she was, and who she was going to become. By placing herself far from her prior environment, her own thoughts progressively came to mix with all that lingered in the mist.
The insincere world beneath unexpectedly seemed so small and minuscule. Her perspective of such a big and complicated earth was no longer a mountain she stood at the foot of, but she was now able to look down upon. How could she allow the intrusion of so many others thoughts and opinions? This was a question built upon so many occurrences she could not explain it all in a full breath. All she could do was wait, be still, and reflect. Reflect on the countless occupants below that drove her further from herself. Once they had captured her, they held tight, and it took her inner self to fully remove the fingers that had her intertwined. God’s nature surrounded her, and it would begin to show her what she had once been.
Blood circulating, the cold desert temperature made a peaceful decent as it surrounded the young girl. Wind, soft and cool pranced through her hair as she looked down on the ever so hectic world. Now oceans away the rush of traffic could no longer sink her into its depths. The sound, like the secret passing of an invisible current made her ears full with sweet whispers of the night’s air. Eardrums completely occupied as the gust of currents began to travel in flight, through the trees, dancing around the rocks, and flowing down the soft dirt. Like a rude awakening, compact shrubs began to alter from a stubborn state into flexible bows and leaps. The plants she was witnessing started to flex and alter into a different state. These movements induced remind her of herself. Herself being someone she was supposed to know so well. Once so in tune to where she wanted to be and what she wanted to accomplish, the world around had pried her from herself. This view offered her insight and a mountainous perspective to what her struggle had looked like.
The storm building below caused her to brain to unwind. While the thoughts and memories played the young intuitive girl began to evaluate her life. The desert and its sudden movement contrasted her struggle below. The two had similarities and she stilly waited while the desert initiated its beginning scene.
Green arms spread, frantic as they searched for another’s hand to grasp. Just like her call for help the world had refuted her request also. Distinctly different from the short stubby bushes, the pointy spines of the cactus rejected intruders, standing tall and unwavering to the winds demands. For a while she had the strength to continue reflecting whom she truly was made to, but all to soon the world around her distorted her with destructiveness. Pushing about the brown clogs of dirt, wind swept the chilly desert floor. Stillness overcame the desert, like a calm before the storm. Clouds above deepened and stirred with a proud roar, ready to unleash a wrath of rain. Like the exhaust spilling out of a cars muffler, precipitation began to spew into the deserts parched mouth. Each individual splash of liquid across the rocky floor sent a defensive lash of sound straight back up towards the perpetrating mist. This was like her first knowledge of worldly influence and her stubborn dismissal of its actual ability. She thought she was impenetrable, when in reality her subject to the corrupt world would make its mark. The desert immediately became aware and soon responded by delivering its heaviest blow. Wind no longer danced through her hair but was forcefully throw against her soft, innocent face. Clouds above huffed with immense might, seeking to bring the desert foliage down in its defiance. The rain, now pouring oceans of water upon her darkening head of hair, had her in its possession, engulfed and astonished. Compared with her previous experiences this was all too familiar; an innocent beginning followed by a nearly fatal end. Humanity below had suffocated her, leaving no feeling but the yearn to escape.
The air around her began to descend in speed, and droplets became few. She looked up, eyes closed as the sun made its way through the gaping clouds and onto her porcelain skin. Appreciatively, her lips slowly drew apart into a smile as her chin faced the world. This smile was for the bountiful heavens, and the gift of rain that washed her clean of the world’s sinful nature. She was reminded she was not of this world, and she would not be a reflective of it. God’s nature had made sense of her complex struggle. Now would the world be able to handle the Divine’s natural ability to reveal?

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