Her Path

December 9, 2010
By theshadow BRONZE, Powell, Ohio
theshadow BRONZE, Powell, Ohio
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She was going down a dark road. She didn't dare turn around, for fear of the past haunting her. She wasn't a proud girl either. She had done things that hurt the ones close to her. She absolutely hated doing this. But she couldn't help herself. Her once short brunette hair had grown out to cover her secrets on her neck. She had always worn long sleeves to cover up the secrets on her arms too. All over she had grown bigger. She hated the new her. She thought she turned into a monsterous mess that she couldn't fix.

She had loved life before. Now that she was on her set path, she felt as if the world was plotting against her. On this path of the cold, hard stone, could she ever find herself? She had her writing and her music. They helped her little. When she wrote, the cruel world evaporated. She could write about anything. Her life, her fantasy world. Anything was possible. It seemed like all the awful things about her life just dissappeared. She would remember a time of no worries, and no hurt.

But, she always had to come back to reality. No matter how much she wanted it to be, her journal was not her life. She'd have to come back from her fantasy life and begin her day of torment once again.

This girl wanted help. She wanted and needed it desperately. She didn't want to hide anymore. She screamed for help. Yet nothing helped her. She would pray to a God she didn't believe in. Her path on that dreary road never failed to go into a more sinister downfall.

Will anyone help this girl help her get her life back to the way it was?

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