Only in a dream

November 23, 2010
By Forest BRONZE, El Centro, California
Forest BRONZE, El Centro, California
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You can give me all the money in the world but I find friendship the laughs memories worth way more then all the money I'll make and spend.

It starts out as a picture in my head, many pictures for that matter. Soon my brain chooses one at random, the picture I see before me starts moving, I'm sucked into what's called a dream, in this dream I'm sitting on a new row boat with a woman whom I've never met, she's at the front of the boat staring, staring just at me god that beautiful woman porcline skin natrual red lips long brown hair eyes to match, she speaks ever so gently, "johnathan please start rowing over there", I look behind her I see a narrow passage. Slowly I start up that way staring back at whom I belive is my beloved. A short while were half way through, she annouces the stream to end up ahead, I nod to show I understand, looking back at where the boat has cut through the water, the reflection of the sky distorted by the ripples of a fish breaking the surface, I look back she's gone I panic. The boat hits shore I run up to the house there she lies dead I fall to my knees and wish me dead nothing happens I feel the pain is it real or not I'm asleep yet my body doest know now what is real or fake all it knows is my darling beloved is in some other place now, it gets dark the picture begins to fade slowly shrink, there I am again before I know it layed once again infront of these random pictures wating to be chose.

The author's comments:
An old dream I still remember inspired me

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