December 6, 2010
By avaol GOLD, Pinckney, Michigan
avaol GOLD, Pinckney, Michigan
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He jingles his car keys in his right hand. He waited for her while she was in the bathroom. They were going back to her house so they could drop her car off so he could take her out to eat. They never had good plans. He spent ten or eleven minutes making sure every light in the house was off and every power wasting thing unplugged. He left a short note explaining his night on the kitchen counter so his brother would not worry; he doubted he would worry though.

While she used the bathroom he listened. He didn’t know why. He listened to her flush the toilet and wash her hands in the sink. Then the door open and she looked to him with a small smile. He pretended he wasn’t paying too much attention to her bathroom visit.

God, her beauty makes colors brighter.

God, look at him. What did I do to deserve this?

“Shall we go now?”

“Yes. I think its going to rain so lets hurry.”

They kissed once or twice and he thought of his plan, their night together. He kissed her again, eyes closed tightly and hands to her hips.

He jingled his keys again and they went out the door. She watched his feet leave the room, then walked out to see him opening his car door. He left about ten to fifteen seconds before him.

He thought of her hair, her eyes, her smile.

Getting out of the city took about ten minutes of heavy traffic. While at a stop light she stared at the back of his car. She thought of sex with him, living with him, dying with him. Already they had spent a year together, dating on and off, with fights about things not important, but he decided that needed to stop and proposed.

Never had such a big yes come out of her mouth, with tears and laughter. They were going to be married.

Once they got into the country roads all the other cars seemed to vanish. It began to rain a small amount. She thought then how silly it was that he and she were driving to the same place in separate vehicles. Summer was coming to an end and she wasn’t ready for the cold. She just watched the back of his car and felt happy. It was simple, her life was finally becoming easy. After high school and college she got her chance to settle down and take a break from the world. Her life was coming to another change, but an easy one.

She thought more about how they were going to grow old together. They were going to create children and watch them grow. They could now trust each other with anything, everything. They could feel comfortable together and not worry of others as they woke in their bed. They were no longer alone. They had someone for everything. Never again would they feel desperate or alone. They felt together, as a whole.

After smiling continuously for five to six minutes she turned the radio on and leaned back in her seat. The rain began to come down in sheets.

She watched his car become a bit sideways on the road and he corrected it. She laughed a little as he got back into a safe position. She would have to tease him about that.

She watched him go into a turn and slide again to the side of the road. Her back came off her seat. She watched his car go off the side and his tires catch the dirt. She watch the black dust fly up and the car turn up and flip



Three times

Four times

She watched it land upside down. She stopped and felt the cold. Her door opened at the rain came down on her. She ran screaming to the car. She reached down grabbing for him. She saw his face, alone and upside down. She watched the blood flow from his head to the ground. The rain kept coming down and she thought of his voice.


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