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December 7, 2010
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“Faster, faster!”The coaches and audience members screamed at me as I ran as fast I could around the track. Sweat lingered in every inch of my body. My heart was pounding and what I thought was a tight ponytail was coming undone with every other step I took. My shirt was sticking to my body with sweat that had turned its self into glue. I could feel the safety pin digging into my hip and I could feel my body shifting away from the discomfort, but there was nothing I could do about it then. To stop at this point would ruin everything, my score, my time, my place. I didn’t spend months training so I could stop and re-fasten a safety pin, it wasn’t worth it. It was then I could see it, my knight in shining armor; the red ribbon of the finish line. Adrenaline seeped into my vines and pushed me faster than I should be going, but I had to, it was like a drug-that finish line, it was like a drug that I wanted first, that I wanted all to myself. I grabbed the ribbon in my hand, using that as the temporary trophy, until they thrusted the real one into my hand. It was then I felt the crippling pain that brought my face even with the ground. The pain so violent that I could barely scream out, I could only hold it in, waiting for someone to realize the pain I was feeling. But it was taking too long, didn’t they see me, did they not know this kind of pain? I didn’t know there was any more pain to feel until I felt it was they lifted me off the ground and onto a stretcher, wheeling me away from all my hopes and dreams.

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