The other Riley

December 7, 2010
By WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Siona had a full, and fantastic life, filled with great friends, nice parents, all that anyone wowuld be blessed to have. She was genuanly happy something most people arent. Her life seemed emaculatly perfect but there was one thing

Siona didnt have, and it was the thing she wanted the most. It was the secret her parents had hid from her for so long, that she had found out. It had happened sixteen years ago in Dubia where she had been born along with another child more

specifically her sister. When the hospital released her mother they wanted to get back to the states with their children, as soon as possible. Tragedy hit when they found out that since their hospital bill was so large, they had to leave something

dear to them as to reassure the people that they would pay. So painfully the parents left one of their beloved new babies in Dubia with a friends cousin. When they got to the tates life was hard even after they payed off the hospital bill they

couldnt have their child sent to them they didnt have enough money to take care of the both of them. So the other child stayed in Dubia, while Siona got to be here in the United States. When her parents had finally made a good enough living to

be able to send for the other child they opted not to it had been ten years, she wouldnt have known who they where, and they could never explain why they had left her. They short and sad story of Haley, Haley Riley the other Riley daughter. One

night Siona prayed to God to help her find Haley. Siona hoped God would heed her prayer, for it was he last chance

One night in the dead of winter Siona's fmily was on their way home when the car stalled and slid to a stop three miles from home. Sonas father jumped out to see what he could do, to get the car moving again. While Sionas mother tried

to reassure Siona that everything would be alright. The car was getting cold annd Siona thought rather than waiting for the Tripple A guys to show up she would rather start walking. Her mother pleaded with her to stay back but he wouldnt. The

air smelled clean unlike the cars fake warmth, mixed with her mothers perfume. She could feel her cheeks turning pink from the cold, her steps slowed, but she knew if she stopped all hope would be gone, and defeated she would have to return

to the car. So she trudged on turning a sharp corner she hit some one, as she staggered and murmered a sorry. She was appaled to hear the sound of an echo of her voice in this person. Looking up she saw that it wasnt just an echo of her that

this person had they also had her face. Siona screamed, "Haley!!!!" Siona's eyes started to water and before she hugged her sister she gave a quick prayer of thanks to God. Halley was astonished, as Siona started to re tell the story anger,

understanding, and pain showed on Hale's face. "Im so glad God brought you to me." Siona said.

Weeks passed the sisters became closer than ever, but neither could part with the people they had grown up with to be together all the time. So when time came for Haley to leave Siona said goodbey but she knew it would only be for

awhile until she went to visit. When Siona went back to school and was asked the old age question, of what her favorite christmas present had been, she simply answered. "Haley, Haley Riley"

The author's comments:
A writing assignment that i just fell in love with.

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on Dec. 13 2010 at 7:36 pm
WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
5 articles 0 photos 3 comments
thank ur advice has been taken note of lol i probably will change it. :)

on Dec. 11 2010 at 7:25 pm
RedheadAtHeart ELITE, Mountain Home, Idaho
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This is a great sweet story and you made it sound very believable. I have just one thing to say - maybe if you told the story using first-person from Siona's point of view, it might be more powerful.

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