The Death

December 7, 2010
I lay in a pool of my own blood. I hear voices around me and the sound of bullet casings hitting the ground. I wonder to myself “How did I get hear?”. My vision blurs as images start running through my head.

I'm walking down a street to pick up my nine year old sun. I sigh and put my hands in my pockets as the mist from my breath fills the air in front of me. I continue walking. I hear the squeal of a car to my right. I jump back and yell “Hey! Slow down! Your gonna kill someone!”. The car swerves around the corner and I continue walking across the street. I stop at the apartment complex that my ex wife lives in. I hit the ringer for room number forty seven. A woman’s voice comes on and asks “Who’s there?”. I say “Its me, I'm here for John.” I hear a deep voice behind her as the door unlocks. I hear her scream and then the speaker goes silent.

The sounds of an ambulance tears me out of my thoughts. I hear the sound of a car squealing to a stop and a door opening. Then the sound of loud boot steps fill the air. I see a bright light as a man shines a flashlight into my eyes. I hear a mans voice as if my ears are submerged in water, He says “Hes in shock, hes lost allot of blood.”. I lift my hand up and touch an invisible face. The men move me into a cot and put me in the ambulance. My eyes start to close as a man yells “Clear!”. A second later an electric shock jumps through my chest. I spasm but I cant make myself inhale. I hear him yell again then a stronger electric shock hits my stopped heart. I inhale sharply as my heart stops beating. I fall into a deep sleep.

I break the door down to the appartment and see a large thug like person sitting on the couch, my son curled up on the floor. I reach into my trench coat until I find the cold wood handle of my revolver. I pull it out, asking “What did you do to him?”.

The man smiles and says “He talked to me wrong. I just put him in his place”. I walk to my son, all the while keeping the gun on the mans chest. I kneel down and put my fingers just under the back of his jaw. I feel a faint pulse. I bring my hand back to the gun as the large man steps foreword. I yell “Stay back!”. The man stops cold in his tracks. He reaches his hand into his pocket. I turn the gun slightly and shoot, grazing his arm. His other hand moves to his arm, covering the wound. I say “Hands up, now”. He raises his arm, his hand still clinging to the wound. I ask “Where is she?”. He says “Please don't kill me”.
I ask again “Tell me where she is and get out”. He points to the bed room and runs out of the room. I turn and run to the door, attempting to turn the nob. The nob doesn’t move. I step back and kick the door. The door frame splinters as I force my way through. I see blood on the sheets and a body on the floor. I grab drop my ggun and kneel next to her, cradling her head in my arms. I begin to cry, my tears falling onto her face. I stroke the hair out of her face and check for a pulse. I feel her heart thump a few times. Her eyes open and she says “I... I'm sorry. Tell John I love him”. I yell “Don't say that! Your gonna be fine!”. Her eyes close and she mouths “Thank you”. I hear the sound of her exhaling. I wait desperately for her to inhale again.

A man shakes me awake and says “Hey, dont fall asleep. Just stay with us a little longer, were almost there”. I try to breathe, something lodged in my throat stops me. I make some wheezing noises and he realizes I cant breathe. He calmly places his hand on my chest and pushes. A small gust of air escapes along with a dried clump of blood. I fall back into the dream world as more images go through my mind.

I grab my revolver and reload it. I run down the stairs after the man who killed her. I step out of the building and see him walking down, with medical tape around his arm. I yell “Stop!”. The man stops cold. He pulls out a pistol and spins around, shooting me in the chest three times. I fall to the ground as blood starts pooling around me.

I wake up in the ambulance, a stabbing pain in my heart. I pull my arms free of their bindings and start clawing desperately at my chest. A man turns to me and realizes I'm in massive pain. He turns and grabs the defibrillator, another man slaps pads on my chest. The defibrillator paddles fall into place and the man yells. A shock goes through my chest. My heart wont start beating again. He raises the charge and tries again. My heart still fails to start. He tries a third, then a fourth time. My heart still refuses to start. He tries one more time, he yells “Clear!”. An unbearable pain shoots through my chest and my dying heart comes back to life. The ambulance comes to a stop as I'm rushed to the emergency room. The ceiling panels are a blur as they take me to the operating room. A doctor puts a gas tank on my mouth and I inhale the gas. The pain goes away and I fall asleep.

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Halfing_Scribe said...
Mar. 8, 2011 at 9:32 pm
Feel free to point out flaws and give me ideas for the next one
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