Bridget ones the edge of reason my take on some parts.

December 7, 2010
By WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Okay so Rebbeca went to upper London with Mark and im well completley astonished i didnt think theyre relationship was moving along so swiftly. So then i called Sharon and she asked me to 192 but sadly dont feel like drinking. Actually would rather sit next to fire and read a good book. Oh God what has gotten into me this is not like me at all can not believe self does not want to be filled like wine bag when so used to it already. Hmm to think bout it even more realize whole book collection consisted of self help books and since have thrown all those away have nothing good to read. Maybe will just plop into Barnes and grab a few. But not likley to leave house in nightie so must get properly dressed. Oh wait if i see Daniel or worse Mark and Rebbeca. Must dress very posh as to make Marks eyes bulg at my sophisticated ways. Got dressed for nothing Barnes had great book collection but i probably didnt even need to change only people in there were old ladies and young whipper snapper girls. No men out whatsoever at this time of day. So will now continue with original plan. But i fancy to read in my nightie might as well change back. Hmm a nice glass of white low alchol wine would go great with Jenifer Blackleys New book that i just bought. Just checked fridge dont have any little alchol substance wine maybe will plop by grocers and get some. But then again that would have me change again. Oh well its not like i have any were to be, will just write what else i need for kitchen then leave. Hmm back at home again no sign of Mark nor Daniel hanging round home. Feel kind of sad now. Oh well will put grocerys away then change back into nightie. Alright now to read. Oh wait telephone was Mark asking how Thailand was. Told him i had a good time then asked if had Constance with me told him idid not then you wont believe it he asked if he could come over maybe order take out but then he said he thought we needed to talk. I wonder what he will say oh God must get ready Mark will be here in ten . Oh God can not believe that this is third time changing into alluring outfit picked out earlier today. To think about it though its not very good afternoon outfit. Maybe will scrounge around closet for desant clothes for a bit before tidy up for Marks arrival. Oh what is happening thats the buzzer Mark cant bloody well be here yet. "Coming!" "Oh hello Daniel what do you need?"
"Bridget i wuv u Bridgwet i need you!" " You have to leave Daniel im expecting someone very special please leave!" Then at that moment Mark showed up why God why. "Oh hello Mark can you give me a hand i think hes a little snoozered?" Mark looked at Daniel leaning on me then came up the stairs and helped Daniel up. "Ill take him home then be Back." Mark said, you sure i questioned please come back ill order take out. "Ill be back Bridget dont worry but i would need to know his address he bloody well probably doesnt remeber it but he sure knows how to get to youres." That note sounded kind of iffy but atleast he is coming back. Hm might as well finish what was doing before Daniel showed up in hamered state. Hmm i wonder if should change into black minnie but he has lready seen my outfit. Maybe will change top wait no have to finish cleaning flat. Okay am ready now all have to do is wait for Mark to turn up again. Oh tely. It was Mark Daniel throw up in his car can not believe Daniel actually did that. Mark will be here soon after he stops at gas station to clean car then come across.102193893899994. Okay will sit here and wait i guess. Wait i wonder if Mark likes candles maybe will light a few oops forgot to order take out will do that maybe delivery boy will show up on bike that would be a real hoot. Oh God Marks back theres a great deal of uncomfortable silence why God why. "So how you been Bridget?" Good thank you how are you thank you by the way with helping the girls get me out of dreadful Thailand. "Oh you were quit in sticky wicket but it was no problem." Akward silence then insued for at least two minutes until heard door buzzer ring and went to let thai take out boy in. Then ran to kitchen to get refreshments still trying to stay away from wine or any alchol. "Oh how ironic thai take out when you wanted to scream bloddy murder at them last week?" Harrraharra what a laugh he is yes i answered it does good for dieting. Oh God can not believe i just let Mark Darcy know i was dieting. Poured myself some rice and chicken then turned on telivision maybe good movie on just like old times eh. But as soon as the little light on the tv went on Mark started talking. "Bridget i wanted to talk about us, you know me and you we kind of have um gotten mixed up in the last few weeks, and i thought i owed it to both of us to straighten it out." Oh Gosh here it comes the big Chuck he is now officially chucking me to put it on the record can not believe this. "Bridget i dont know how you feel about me but i still sort of like you Bridget and i realized that the day i saw Daniel coming to have dinner i realized that i still like Bridget and i hope this doesnt come out as pretentious or anything but i imagined me coming here tonight and u falling back in love with me ending the night with a shag and waking in the morning with cigars." Hmm that was a bit pretentioud but can not ignore the look of him in the dim fire light and the oozy blue light of the telly in the backround. So jump into Marks lap and start to cover with kisses then stop in the middle of un hooking bra to say that i usually dont take people back so easily but i never really got over him so do not count this as taking him back. Morning light coming from kitchen window filling living room with eery colors Mark still asleep under me. Will quietly slip off couch and get into shower must get dressed for my new life as responsible Bridget one who gets up early and gets ready makes breakfast for her hubby, and then goes out for a little shopping workout in which just walk round store not bying things as in bank account really low at the moment. Finished with shower so glad i stepped out to go to the store yesterday have everything i need for very gourment breakfast. Finished with eggs benedict and toasted bread plus hashbrowns coffee orange juice sausage and bacon. Now to set up table Mark is yawning might as well wake him. Mark sweet heart wake up breakfast is ready. "What, what time is it oh ello Bridge somethin sure smells good u stop at a cafe this morning." No u sleepy head i made it see u can even check for take out trays because u wont find any and the pots are dirty too so ha. "I know my muffin i was only teasing very tasty indeed love the eggs. may i have more?" Oh forgot men have very big apptites only bought small pack of eggs. Although when eggs where bought i didnt have a man. "Um dont have any only had four eggs left in carton can i get you something else." "No ill be okay have to get ready any way u know where my pants hmm bridget I cant find them any where." "Check in the sofa possibly there and if you find my undies please hand over." Leaving flat Mark has left and now time for me to wonder what will tell Daniel have to let him know that can not see him any more outside of work since things are back on with Mark Darcy.

The author's comments:
I own both Bridget Jones books and was bored in typing class so i started to type the story out.

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