If I Keep Who I Am, I will end up in Hell

December 3, 2010
By Music_lover00 BRONZE, Winchester, Indiana
Music_lover00 BRONZE, Winchester, Indiana
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Each step I take a distinct pain charges up my legs, galloping like noble steeds going full throttle. It's a thorough bred pain. A thousand needles it feels have pierced my skin, sinking into my veins like razor sharp teeth. I try and cease my steps but my legs won't halt. Gradually, the pain becomes more and more unbearable, but no matter what I do, my legs keep persisting forward. I feel the fire within every step I take, leaving behind footprints full of ebony ashes. My sins are coming to life, burning me alive. The pain is so interollerable, I can barely feel the fire anymore. I can barely feel the ground beneath my feet, my bare torn feet. The scorching spreads, as do my sins, engulfing me in complete and total inferno. The violent fever starts to devour every last bit of me, tearing and biting at my soul. How could I have let myself commit such deadly faults? How could I have known my fate would be the path of destruction? I created the firey course I am destined to walk forever. My deficiencies have finally caught up with me, leaving me alone to walk through needles, to walk through h***. The pain never lessens and even though I am dead, the galloping steeds want me to feel alive. They want the pain to be a reminder of the crimes I have committed. I understand now where I am. I am in my future. I am in h***.

The author's comments:
Change the path you choose before your sins devour your soul

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