December 1, 2010
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Noah didn't know what to do. He had a good job right now; it paid well, he had some "work" friends, who you smile at and say hi to, but as soon as your office is in the rearview mirror, their memory goes right out your brain along with the work you want to forget you have to do the next day. But it had happened yesterday; a phone call, a man's offer, and a job that he had been waiting for for a lifetime. His head had spun when he got off the phone, and his wife walked into their New York apartment as he hung up the phone carrying his dream, and she asked what was the matter as he stood there, leaning against the island of the kitchen with his mouth open. As he explained the situation, his wife, who was putting away groceries as she listened, slowly stopped putting them away, until by the end of Noah's telling she was standing there, a mirroring image of her husband: leaning against the island, mouth hanging open. They both sat there for a long, long time. Long enough for Noah's wife to turn around in a hurry and put the milk away that she had never gotten to putting away. He asked about her opinion, and she was unsure. The job he had was so solid, so dependable, she said. It was because of that job that they were living such a good life, with more than enough money, and enough to support
the family they were planning on starting very soon. Noah rubbed his eyes and let out a loud, long sigh, trying to exhale his troubles away.
Noah and his wife were lying in bed that night; his wife reading a book, him on his side, trying in vain to fall asleep. His mind was reeling with thoughts. He knew how good his job was now, and he sort of liked it; at least enough to keep going with it if it kept providing for his wife and future family. But this job, this job! It was everything he had ever dreamed of. The thought of starting over, and opening up the possibility of failure and then being stuck with no job were present if he went down that road, but wouldn't that risk all be worth it if it all worked out? But, thought Noah, smirking to himself, since when was life that fair? He loved his wife, he needed to provide for her and give her everything she wanted, but he knew more than that, she wanted him to be happy. She had once said she would follow him to wherever his dreams carried him, and maybe it was time for his life to take a turn.
His wife and him had stayed up a majority of the night, weighing their options, making pro's and con's lists, and even basing the decision on a game of rock, paper, scissors. As he left in the morning, walking to his dependable job, his solid job, he could not help but smile as he walked into the building where he had worked to provide for his wife for the past few years, sat in his boss's office, shook his boss's hand for the final time, and walked out and left safety and stability behind him. As he walked the path back to his home, to his wife that the previous night had told him what she had told him before, that she would follow him to wherever his dreams took him, he could not help but smile.

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