The Almost Perfect Life

November 23, 2010
By Anonymous

There once was a 16 year old girl named Jenna Schiff, that’s me, who had beauty beyond compare. Of coarse I knew all about my beauty and was quite proud of it. I believed that I could do no wrong. My parents were exactly where I wanted them. Although I now know they had an altering motive, my parents wanted me to marry a rich man and help them in there old age which is why my parents did what they did. I was lead to believe that everyone who came from a bad or poor family was not to be talked to or interacted with because our family was simply better. What I didn’t know was that my father, who is my favorite person in the entire world,would soon turn my life upside down.

As usual I waited for my boyfriend Drew, out front of the house. “Late again I guess,’ I thought. Suddenly there was a deafening noise behind me and a faint girlish scream. As soon as I turned around my father was running from the house gun in hand aiming and firing at me. The neighbors were being woken up to gunshots but were all afraid to look outside. All of the sudden a lime green Lamborghini convertible came to a screeching halt in front Schiff household and I lunged into the car while screaming “Drive, drive, drive!”

“What happened?!” asked Drew once they were safely around the corner.

“My dad just went crazy and I think he shot my mom,”I sobbed into Drew’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry. If only I was on time to pick you on time you wouldn’t of had to be in that,” Drew said mainly to himself.

“No, no it wasn’t your fault. I’m sure it would have happened anyway. Besides you showed up just in time. And anyway---” I cut off suddenly at the site of my dads black Subaru pulling up behind us. “Lets go, now!”

“Where to?”

“Go to the school. We’ll be safe there.” I said with great certainty. My dad hated schools and would never even think about coming inside with a gun. The rest of the ride was silent with only the wind blowing threw our hair. As we role up in front of the school I see my dads Subaru drive bye and as he flashes the gun out the window I silence a scream. Seeing the panic stricken look on my face Drew rushes us inside passing our friends as they try to start our morning conversations. Little did I know this would be only the first daily routine I’d be giving up.

“We’ve got to go to the office with this.” Drew repeated over and over again until I could organise my thoughts.

“But what could they do? Call the cops? We could do that, heck, it’s already been done by my neighbors.” I protested as quietly as I could.

“They could protect you.” Drew answered. It was such a simple answer I wouldn’t have even thought of it.

“Fine we’ll go to the office but I guarantee they won’t believe us.”

“That’s not a funny joke you two. Accusing someone of murder could ruin a life!” said the hefty principle Mr. Doorman.

“We’re not joking, sir. I have told you everything honestly but i didn’t know what else to do. So I turned to you.”

“Well i have no reason to believe Mr.Schiff is a murderer. Maybe I’ll call him in so he can explain what happened.”

“NO!” Drew and I shouted in unison and then he took over. “Sir, Jenna is leaving something out. I wasn’t there for what she believed was the murder but what I did see is Mr. Schiff shooting at Jenna and almost hitting her.Please help her through this.”

“You’re not joking are you Miss Schiff?” Mr. Doorman asked.

“Not even a little.”

“Okay, I’ll help but we’re going to have to go to the police with this.”

“Anything as long as Drew can stay.” I said with a meaningful look towards him but he was staring into the eyes of Mr. Doorman, a hopeful look on hi

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