November 23, 2010
By Ryan Besch BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
Ryan Besch BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
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Hands beat down on the smooth, trembling horn. Little droplets of water pour down from each brow. The morning commute has never seen so much retaliation. The storming clash of thunder appears all too often as the water falls on the exterior as well as the interior of the car. The car, a dingy, old, and ragged clunker had many holes in the roof allowing the rain to trickle in. His mindset is going crazier as the days go by.

Just a week before, this man walked smoothly and slyly into the office only to await the penetrating news that his work was no long needed. He quickly turned to nervousness as he did not know what to do next. He had a high level job, and this news came as a shock to him. He proceeded to go home, to await a girl friend that he loved and was planning to ask to marry him. When he broke the news to his hopefully compassionate girlfriend, the opposite result happened. She did not know what to say and out of a disheartening gesture, walked out of the apartment without saying a word. Now, this man has no job and no one to love.

This brings us to today, where as he sits in traffic heading to a job interview that he was fortunate to get, he remembers his week in review. He slams his coffee down thinking of the vivid atmosphere that surrounded him as his painful news struck deep into his soul. The rich, black brew spills over and contaminates his pants and the passenger seat. He begins to curse out in vain of his ex girl friend and of the terrible luck that has accompanied him. Rain keeps pouring down on him inside his car. With every minute that goes by, he knows that he will not get this job and that he will be forced to start his life over. His eyes become bloodshot as the traffic will not speed up. Soon it seems that his luck may have of turned around as traffic somehow clears and he follows the path to the building where his interview is at.

He gets into the building with many excuses on being late, and he walks up to the secretary and asks to where the office for the interview is. He is then pointed and directed to the office. His confidence builds as he thinks that he may actually be able to do this. He opens the door and takes a seat. Questions fire from the opposing side of the desk and he has quick and concise answers for him. The interview finished and right when he thought that he would get the job handed to him like he was a prince going to be king, but he was instead interrupted in his fantasy dream by the words that his skills will not be needed. The man goes home feeling useless and dejected from what had occurred over the past weeks.

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