Life or Death

November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Jerome was running as fast as a cheetah, when the linebacker collided with him. The linebacker had hit Jerome so hard, that he fell unconscious. Jerome was on the ground, like a corpse, not moving at all. The trainers ran on to the field, and tried to bring back Jerome back to consciousness. They had no success, so they sent Jerome to Children’s Medical Center to be examined. Everyone at the game was praying that Jerome would be fine, even the ones that hated him.

Jerome was very conceited, and treated most people at school like grime. He thought that the world revolved around him, and that he was superior to everyone else. Naturally, most of the students at his school disliked him. Jerome spent most of his time with similar, arrogant people. Even Jerome’s parents thought they were better than most people. Jerome was selfish, and he needed to change.

The doctors rushed Jerome into the ICU at the hospital, with his parents closely following. Jerome’s parents were waiting anxiously in the waiting room, hoping their wonderful son, was not too badly injured. His parents had been waiting for an hour, when the doctor had come out of the ICU. He said that Jerome was in a deep coma.

Jerome woke up in what appeared fluffy, white clouds, wondering where he was. He got up and roamed the clouds until his legs were dead. Suddenly, a tall man with a beard as white as snow appeared. The man had white hair to his shoulders, and he was wearing pallid garments. Jerome asked the man in a bewildered manner, “Who are you?”

The man replied in a bold voice,” I am God, and this place is where awful people on the verge of death come.”

Jerome panicked and remembered the linebacker crushing his helmet. He asked the man in a frightened voice, “Why am I here?”

God replied laughing,” First of all, out of all the men I have seen recently; you are the most self-centered one of all. You care for only one person, which is yourself.”

Jerome replied angrily,” This is nonsense!” He was irritated at this man who was making strong accusations at him.

God took a small mirror out of his pocket, and this mirror showed all the egotistical deeds Jerome had performed. Jerome looked into it, and saw himself pushing kids into lockers, back talking to his teachers, and worst of all, stealing money from his church. Jerome felt massive tears rolling down his face, and after seeing these things he felt guilty and terrible.

“As you see Jerome, you have done unforgiveable things, and this leads me to think that I should send you straight to the fiery gates of Hell,” God told Jerome sternly.
With tears still flooding down his face, Jerome replied in a terrified voice, “Please, I will do anything to live!”
God thought for a while, deciding what Jerome’s fate would be. Finally he said in a solemn voice, “I will offer you a deal. I will let you live, if you return to earth paralyzed from the waist down, so you can’t play football.”
Jerome immediately wanted to tell God that what he offered was preposterous, but then he thought for a moment. He decided he would rather live, than to go to Hell. He said fearfully,” I will go back to the world paralyzed, and not be able to play football.”
God replied, “I will send you back to the world, but you have to put others before you, or else you are for sure to go to Hell.”
Jerome agreed, and then everything went black. Jerome woke up, and he tried to move his toes, but they stayed as still as a statue. His encounter with God was a hundred percent genuine.

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