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November 15, 2010
By Julienne SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
Julienne SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
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Kee, crunch, crunch. As I run on Patriots Path, I hear the crunch of leaves as I step on them.
I hear the dragging of twigs and dead flower stems on the navy blue pavement caused by the wind.
Everywhere but on the path lay big rocks, long tall trees, tree roots, streams of water and scared animals in their homes. I see the look in their faces of fear and fright, clutching their family members.
I look in the sky and see colors of blue and purple mixing with the incoming dark clouds and night sky. Everywhere falling from trees are leaves colors of orange, yellow and green. It is like I am in the middle of winter and it is snowing but only there are leaves instead of snow.
As I get towards the end of the first part I see a big sign. A sign that was never here before. I stop to read it but before I can, I hear the sound of a loud motor. A noise that sounds familiar. The sound of when my dad use to cut down trees for Christmas. As a reaction, I turn my head and see a big chainsaw.
A big group of men of twenty or thirty were surrounding trees everywhere.
I stand there with my mouth open in surprise and feel the cold air pushing into my mouth.
Before I could try and stop them, a man is pushing me away.
“You can’t do this. These animals will be killed. Innocent animals.” I scream at the man, but its no use, they already started cutting down trees.
As the man leaves me by myself, I see animals scattering. Mothers looking for their babies, babies looking for their mothers. I see squirrels laying flat on the ground, rabbits getting trapped under the falling trees, birds flying away, away from their homes.
I cry in pain, cry so hard it makes my stomach sick. I put my hand on my stomach to try and make the pain go away but it’s no use. This pain will forever stay.
From that point on, I promised my self to save animals for a living and keep saving them until the day I die.

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