The Girl With the Painted Face

November 26, 2010
I see the girl across from me. Her face all painted with bright colors, hiding the truth from the world. The paint is her mask so she can hide from the world.

To everyone else she seems normal. She is always smiling and laughing, but I know better.

For I know, when she gets home, the mask comes off. All the bright colors wash from her face to reveal the dark.

With her mask gone, her smile fades and the tears swell in her eyes. She begins to cry.

She cries cause of the fights her parents get in. She cries cause the one she loves is gone. She cries cause she is in pain.

She is all alone in this world, so she thinks.

She looks in the mirrors and sees her reflection. She is disgusted by what she sees. She splashes water on the mirror and runs to her room and lies on her bed.
That night, as every night before, she cries herself to sleep. Her thoughts filled with unpleasantness. Her dreams turn to nightmares, as they always do.
The alarm goes off and she awakes. She heads to the bathroom ready to paint. She looks into the mirror before she begins and hates what she sees. Sadness, fear, anger all lay upon her face.
She begins without a second glance. Before she knows it her face is painted; her mask is set. She is now ready to face the world with her fake smile. Till she comes home, and starts all over again.

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