A Dream of an Open Door

November 11, 2010
By Anonymous

A little girl, about five years old sits at her bed every night. She puts her hands together and whispers a prayer to God. She closes her eyes and asks for her daddy to come home. As her mother comes in to tuck her into bed she asks “Did you pray for Daddy?” the little girl nodes and crawls into bed and falls fast asleep. Not soon after the little girl falls asleep, someone knocks at the door. Realizing how odd it is for someone to come visit at this time of hour she rushes to the door ready for an emergency. She notices a yellow taxi she then hesitates to open the door fearing of the person who will be there. Will it be a mailman to send her word of the death of her husband or a friend who’s loved one has die which will remind her how much danger her husband is in. She stands there for a full minute then the person knocks again. She reaches for the door knob and opens the door at first not recognizing the bandaged eye but then jumps for joy into his arms. They stand there holding each other for dear life. The mother turns around and yells loud enough for the world to hear “Sweet heart! Daddy’s home!” There a moment of small taps of little feet then around the corner a girl with curly blonde hair leaps with all her strength into her daddy’s arms along with a tiny whisper “I love you Daddy.”

A few blocks away a teenage boy lies in his bed looking straight at his blank ceiling. He looks at his two little twin brother’s sound asleep. He gets inside his bed and curls up a little, close to a picture of his Dad holding his mother and his two brothers holding on to his legs begging him not to go. He remembered taking that picture like it was yesterday, with that he puts his hands together and whispers a prayer to God. He closes his eyes and prays that his dad makes it home. After thinking for a long time he soon falls asleep. He hears a faint knocking on the front door; He wonders why someone would be visiting so late at night. As he wonders through the dark house toward the front door, he looks through the peep hole seeing a black figure. He opens the door and sees his dad smiling like he was in the photo. At first the boy stands in a bit of shock but soon gives his dad a hug realizing he finally came back home. They stand there for a wile as the background seems to fade away, then the dad whispers into his son’s ear “I made it home” As reality begins to fade back The teenager begins to yell to his family but then…..he wakes up to a telephone ringing. He feels his face that was wet from tears in his sleep. He looks at the picture again his dad smiling like always. He hears his mom pick up the phone “hello?” she says with a loud yawn there’s a long dead silence. The mother takes a big breath “I…I-I….W-well thank you for calling. With a bit of a clang she hangs up the phone. She wonders to the couch and sits down; he could hear the tears falling from the living room. Knowing what had just happened he gets out of bed and walks to where his mom who had buried her face in a pillow. At first he didn’t know what to say he just sat next to her trying to hold his own tears in. He looks at her and wrapped his arms around her and says “He made it home.”

The author's comments:
I dicided to turn on my radio wile I was getting ready and as i listen to it the radio man started to talk about how greatful we should be that we have people who are willing to fight for us. I started thinking that i treat every Veterans Day like any other day but this time I dicied to do something for them. This is for the true hero's and their families.

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