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November 18, 2010
By patrickknapp BRONZE, Pullman, Michigan
patrickknapp BRONZE, Pullman, Michigan
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A hero can be different for everyone. A hero can be a famous actor, a sports star or a family member who is there for his or her family. A hero is someone you can trust. My hero is someone who can turn a bad time into a good one. My hero is my mom, Lora Knapp.
Lora was raised on a small farm in Grand Junction. She had many responsibilities, such as taking care of her animals and her garden. She had to prepare meals and take care of her house. Later on, she got married and had two children, my brother, Tyler, and myself. A few years later, she had a daycare where she took care of many children.
About six months after she had the daycare, she had to work at Donnelly for about six years. She had to make many sacrifices for my brother and me. That taught my brother and me responsibility. Her life dream was to own a restaurant. Her opportunity came, and she became the owner of “Scoops and More.” She worked many hours, seven days a week. My brother and I were there to help her every step of the way.
She ran the restaurant when I was in fourth grade, and she had it for three summers. She made her restaurant like a home, and her customers were like family. She taught me how to cook, how to take orders, and how to scoop ice cream. She lost “Scoops and More” and taught me the strength of losing something you loved, and that no matter how bad things are, you can get through anything. She taught me how to make choices for myself and how to stand up for myself.

For me, a hero is someone who has gone through tough times and good ones. Not someone who works for the police department or a firefighter or someone wearing a red cape. My hero is my role model. My hero, my mom, Lora Knapp.

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we had to write this for school.

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