New Beginnings

November 18, 2010
By janaw BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
janaw BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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Amy was lying on her bed looking up at her ceiling and around her now empty room. She was moving across the country from Florida to California. The last thing she wanted was to move away from her friends and her life.

“OK! Lets hit the road!” Amy’s mom, Jane yelled from the garage.

“Coming!” Amy responds in an unhappy tone.

Amy opened the front door of her little brick house and wheeled out the last suitcase of her clothes.

The car pulled out of the driveway. Amy looked out at her house one last time knowing she would never see it again.

As the car went down the highway to the airport, Amy sobbed,” I don’t wanna move! California is going to be horrible!”

“ What makes you say that?” Jane asked while adjusting the rear view mirror. Jane felt horrible about making Amy so upset so she sent pictures of Amy to an agency so that way she would have something to look forward to. Jane did not tell Amy.

“I’ll have no friends and I’ll get lost at my new school.”

“Sweetie, you are a beautiful girl with a great personality. You’ll make lots of friends.”

Amy groaned refusing to believe what her mother just said. She knew her mother only said that because she had to. Amy looked at herself in the mirror. She had dark brown wavy hair and purple eyes.

The plane landed in sunny California in the Beverly Hills airport. When Amy and Jane stepped out of the plane, they saw people walking in every direction talking on their phones and having conversations with the people walking next to them. This was very different from the small town they were used to.

When they gathered all of their suitcases and got outside, they stopped a taxi and barely fit everything in the trunk. As the taxi zoomed by building after building, palm tree after palm tree, Amy stared out the window daydreaming about what she would be doing right now if she was still in Florida. After ten minutes, they arrived in front of an apartment building. The doorman helped get all the luggage in the elevator. When the digital number said eight, it came to a stop. Amy’s mother walked down the hall to door three and slid her key card into the knob, and opened the door. Amy ran to her mother’s side and looked inside. “Oh my gosh!” Amy screamed excitedly. “ It’s beautiful!” Amy ran inside to check out the rest of the apartment. There was a living room with dark purple, leather chairs, a white Persian rug, and lavender walls. There was a big, wide window with a view of all Beverly Hills and from far away, you could see the Hollywood Hills. Amy went to her bedroom. The walls were lime green and there were white curtains. On the right side of the room was a queen -sized bed with crisp, white sheets and blue, silk pillowcases. Amy saw a remote lying to the end of the bed. She pressed the down button and a TV came down from the ceiling. “ This is amazing!” Amy screamed. She ran back to the living room and plopped down on the purple leather couch.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. Before Amy could say hello, she heard a voice. “ This is the CA modeling agency. We are calling to see if you were interested. We just adore your pictures!” Amy was speechless. “Well anyway, if your are, come by the Beverly Hills studio tomorrow at noon.

“ Maybe moving wasn’t so bad after all,” Amy thought to herself. She was so excited. She ran to her mom. “ Mom guess what! A modeling agency just called and they said they were interested but how did they get my pictures?”

“ Oh um… that’s great honey,” Jane said suspiciously.

“ Wait, did you know this the whole time?” asked Amy.

“OK, yes, fine,” Jane responded.

“ Amy ran to her mom and hugged her tight.

In the afternoon Amy and Jane got a bit more settled in, they went to the beach. Amy lay out in the sun letting the warmth run though her body. She breathed in the fresh sea air. The sand surrounded her. Each grain representing all of the new opportunities she would have. She walked up to the ocean feeling the cold salt water on her bare feet, recharging her. Amy looked up at the sky relaxing, taking it all in.

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