November 6, 2010
The air is crisp
Cold and gentle
as Charlotte steps outside
at the figure in the snow.
She watches as her cousin emerges
wings out stretched
and Charlotte blinks
to make sure she isn't dreaming
She can smell her cousins perfume
feels her warm embrace

"It's been ten years," Charlotte's eyes stare up.

"And i have missed you"
Snow dusts this cousin, Syble's cheek
And Syble smiled gracefully

"How are In my world?" Charlotte's heart skips a beat
Syble doesn't speak, but she smiles

"Deceased i am but than again, I love you too much to leave you, i will always come home,"
Syble's white dress blows off to the right in the wind
Her golden blonde hair long, and curled

"Just like i remember... only, you've gotten older." Syble grins, as the frozen water drops from the sky

"I love you Charlotte, but it's time say good-bye," Charlotte nuzzles Syble's chest and with a simple nod, she waves goodbye and takes off into the sky.

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