Just Listen

November 17, 2010
There are always two sides to every story- well, actually sometimes three or four or ten. It just depends. There is always one account that becomes the most prominent, however. There is constantly one rumor that is whispered across school hallways and is laughed about in the lunchroom and never leaves the victim alone. That person that is forever destined to sit with their lips sealed shut, silently conveying with their eyes “It’s not true! Those are lies!” No one is looking for their opinion, though. The story they heard is filled with scandal and adventure, so they believe it. It makes them feel better about themselves, so it must be okay and right.
Does anyone consider the one scarred by the events? No, because they are deserving of their fate. They slept with him, so they’re a sl*t and deserve to be hated. She cheated on her boyfriend and is now on drugs, so who should care about her? I heard she cuts herself now, so we all better avoid her. Otherwise we might end up freakish, just like her.
This is society. It’s the way it’s been for so long, and is therefore, alright, and even expected. We are so hesitant to change our traditions and we are so set in our ways that we can’t even stop to consider that maybe she cries herself to sleep. Did we ever think that maybe her parents are getting a divorce, and it has been so hard and she just couldn’t handle it herself? Did we every consider abuse, whether it is physical, emotional, or sexual? Did we ever stop to wonder if, shockingly, and just maybe, the rumors flying around aren’t true?
Perhaps the “sl*t” is a virgin, and she just had an untrustworthy friend that lied. Where is our proof that the girl sitting all alone is on drugs? There is none, and of course that is a surprise for us to realize. We never want to think of ourselves as wrong, but naturally we are. Then we will search for a way around the guilt streaming from our heart, which knows our harsh judgment was wrong. Well, everyone else was saying it, so what was I supposed to think? Rationalizing in this case won’t work. Whether it is your direct fault or if you are just a participant, what gives you the right?
You don’t have a right. I never drank at that party. I never got high, and I absolutely did not sleep with my best friend’s boyfriend. You don’t listen though, and you always used to. Did I really need the social scorn on top of everything else going on in my life? Why did you lie? Why did you betray my trust? I don’t understand. I suppose I never will. It tore me apart and left me alone, as you well know.
Are you even regretful? I hope so, because you killed me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Keep that in mind. All of you.

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