He's So Predictable

November 19, 2010
By CarmH BRONZE, Maple Heights, Ohio
CarmH BRONZE, Maple Heights, Ohio
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I knew it from the start that Edwin was impoverished in his studies. He was starving day and night for more knowledge, thriving for my approval. Somehow, he found his way into my mind, but not in my heart- yet. I overlooked his stuttering and unclear speech as a normal impediment, but soon after he had visited my dorm more than once, I found that there was more to this state of affair. In spite of his mannerisms; the temperance, shyness, and the awkward stares, his grades were the symphony- I mean, the epiphany that revealed in me a deeper interest. I spied on him more than once at the library while I was mingling with my study group. I saw him leafing through British Literature, which I despise. So, out of curiosity, I stood up and walked over towards him. He looked up at first, and then glared at me; our eyes met. Obviously, he wasn’t nervous as I thought. Nevertheless, I shall see how witty he is in his conversation than in his grades; so I’ve heard, anyway.

“Edwin, is it?” I asked, daringly. He didn’t answer right away, but he was still looking through the textbook. “I’ve heard about you”.

He looked like he was going to apologize. “Oh- um, yes. Edwin Porter, nice to meet you, Ms…”

“Wells. I’m Laura Wells. It’s nice to meet you, too”. Edwin mumbles under his breath.

“Where have you been all my life?”
“I- I beg your pardon?” I was in a trance, did he really just say…? I felt embarrassed.
“I’m glad we’ve met at last. I knew you looked familiar. You have a class with my sister; you two are the most talked about students on campus”. He says with enthusiasm.

“It’s funny, because I don’t exactly know you’re sister. I didn’t even know I was on the rise of fame,” I knew he was going to ask me something about my work, or something that my mother writes about, as if I were already the world’s best chemist. “That’s nice” was what I manage to say.

I realized we were still shaking hands. He lets go nervously, and I laugh appreciatively. There was awkwardness. Although, I felt it was in a way peaceful. He offers to escort me to class. I hesitated, but then, I couldn’t refuse the offer. I thought I had to at least sacrifice a few minutes of class to chat with a new handsome face. I felt blissful on the inside. Edwin noticed how flimsy I was walking. We exit the library, and he asks, “Are you alright, Ms. Wells? You’re not a very good dancer,” he sniggers.

I nodded patiently. “It’s these books, there are rather heavy. Do you mind?” I offer him my medical books. He takes them.

“Ms Wells,” he begins, “you’re a medical student. Like my sister, I mentioned it to you earlier. You know, she’s so arrogant of these kinds of thing, always. She is always bragging about the attention she gets from doctors, how successful she’s going to be, or experiments and what have you. Most of the time, she ignores my stories, but being the gentlemen, I am and a good brother, I listen. I don’t know if you and I would get along, Ms. Wells.” He grins then grits his teeth, trying to hold back laughter. I look at him, tediously. Does he always laugh at his own jokes?

“Please, you can call me by my first name,” I suggested.

“I’m sorry, I –it slipped my mind, what is it again?” Edwin tightens the falling books in his arms, and looks down in embarrassment.

I smile, giving in to his humorous actions, instead of his wit. “Laura,” I stress. “But if you prefer to call me Ms. Wells- by all means…”

“Sorry, I’m not too good with a first name, that’s one of my flaws. Isn’t this your destination?” he asks. The building never looked like a sanctuary, but on this day I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather be. I didn’t answer.

“So, Laura, I’ll see you again?” he asks. Harvard students, they’re so predictable. They have all the knowledge of the world, but they can’t even remember some of the simplest things on earth. I don’t believe this!

“Maybe, but don’t wait up for me, though” I was being too bold.

“Why?” he looked confused.

“Well, you know how we medical students are. We’re so busy and don’t have time for you unless we discuss our achievements. I waved goodbye and waltzed inside.

The author's comments:
A piece I submitted and I actually won first place in my school's Creative Writing Contest.

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