A New Instrument

November 19, 2010
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The guitar sat on the store shelf in a small box. The children’s aisle held new miniature instruments for the holidays. Many people had walked by, many instruments bought. The guitar was next in line. After having been covered up by many other versions, it had slowly been moved to the front of the shelf.

At the very top of the aisle, a grandmother searched for a present for her granddaughter. Not finding what she needed, she wandered further down the aisle. The grandmother came upon the guitar and smiled. It may not be what her granddaughter expected, but it was a beautiful instrument. The guitar was a glossy brown with smokey black edges. It was just the size for her petite form. The woman pulled it off the shelf and set it in her cart.

Her shopping list completed, she turned towards the checkout counter and bought all her christmas gifts. She hurried home to wrap each new present before the family gathering the next day.

The guitar now sat underneath the decorated christmas tree, completely wrapped up in silver paper and red ribbons.

The next day, the family Christmas party started and the room quickly filled with screaming kids and tired adults. After everyone had their fill of christmas cookies, cake, and other assorted desserts, they all gathered around the circle of presents.

As time went on, less and less gift remained below the sparkling tree. A small girl with golden waves of hair and a santa dress picked up the box holding the guitar and tore it open. She smiled and jumped over to give her grandmother a hug.

“Oh grandma, I love it!” She cried, “It’s just my size!”

“I’m so glad you like it, Emma!” The grandmother smiled.

The instrument was loaded into the back of a car at the end of the night and covered in boxes, books, and other treats received that night. As soon as she got home, the young girl set the guitar against her wall and climbed into bed.

Years passed and the guitar remained against the wall, sitting and wishing to be used. The little girl played with new toys and danced and sang, but never once learned to play her beautiful instrument. The family moved houses and the young girl grew older and older, until she left grade school behind and started middle school.

One summer morning, she picked up the small guitar and wished to play it. With school out, Emma had more time on her hands, and she decided to start music lessons. Excited by her new idea, she ran down to her mother.

“Mom, will you sign me up for guitar classes?”

A musician sits alone
Strums a song with her guitar
Raindrops fall around her
And land upon the forest floor
The wind picks up, twists through the trees
Whispering thunder and navy blue storms

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