November 14, 2010
By Skyler_Henry BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Skyler_Henry BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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“Go do the dishes. I’m tired.” Helga commanded Dwight. They had been married for 2 short year but as Dwight got up and hurried to the kitchen he felt like he had known her a lifetime. Helga was a professional bodybuilder and outweighed his slight person by a 100lbs. Now that he thought about it, Dwight couldn’t remember why he had been attracted to Helga. She was bossy and high maintenance. When Dwight proposed he had thought he needed a woman like her in his life. Now he was working two jobs and cleaning and cooking to support Helga and her numerous gym memberships. Dwight was very unhappy as he washed the soapy water down the drain he wished he could do the same with the beastly woman laying on the couch. They had fought once before but that night ended very badly for Dwight. He had told her that he was tired from his second job and that she needed to make herself dinner. Helga did not approve of this and the second the words were out of Dwight’s mouth he wished with every part of him to take the challenging words back. Helga held up Dwight like a doll and tossed him to the couch all the while screaming about how her gym trips were nothing compared to him. She told him he was a pathetic weakling and that he was lucky to have her. Helga thought that if it weren’t for her Dwight would never have drive and he would sit lazily around the house. What Helga was ignorant to was that Dwight went to school full time before he met Helga but because of her demanding schedule he could only afford to go part time. When Helga moved in he sacrificed his education to support her. Helga had Dwight fully manipulated. He was a puppet and she was his puppet master. Anything she said goes. This sudden rebellion in her mind was an outrage. She was furious as she tossed him around their living room like a sack of unwanted garbage. Dwight’s thoughts were interrupted by the loud snoring of the monster still laying on the couch. “I can leave.” he thought to himself. A sudden sense of empowerment came over him. He crept to their room and packed all of his important belongings. He was headed to the hotel a few miles away. She couldn’t find him. Just then the snoring stopped. He felt his heart sink and his stomach do a back flip. It was over. His stupidity was going to cause him more pain and suffering. He rushed to hide his suitcase but just as he got it under the bed he heard a faint sound. The beast was still asleep! There was hope! He lost no time and ran from the bedroom to the door keys and suitcase in hand. “She won’t know what hit her till morning. And then it will be too late. I’ll be long gone.” It was over.

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