Invading the Past-Korean War (Part 1)

November 15, 2010
By Awesomeasian BRONZE, San Diego, California
Awesomeasian BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Rain pinged with a longing desire to reach the bottom of the windowsill. A windowsill that was dilapidated and was falling from the seams, the damply gray translucent glass just barely holding itself in. The rain only furthered its path toward its end, where the glass would slide from its plaster base and fall down, where it would shatter upon the concrete floor into a million tiny little shards. The floor, a cold cement, would be there to welcome the glass as it kissed it with a lengthened embrace. In this room, North Korea sat restlessly in his chair. As he sat at a 160 degree angle, his feet up on the table, he rocked back and forth. At this time, he was only a nation of five years, where five years before, he had been one of thousands.

“Come on Ivan, let me do it,” he said in a arrogant voice that contained confidence beyond his years.
“You know you want me to. I know that you know!” he pleaded carefully towards the Soviet Union, who sat across the table from him in this freezing basement. The basement of the Soviet’s home which was booming with success (and so happened to be smack-dab in the middle of Siberia.)
:Hyung-soo, this plan that you want to carry out. It’s reckless to say at the least, da?” the Russian said, smiling and closing his eyes. His scraf fell helplessly over his shoulder and draped down his back, just barely concealing the large silver Lugar that strapped to his belt.
“Nah, of course not! You know with some of your help, i’d be able to take the South with ease. It would be over within a matter of days!” Hyung bragged, waving his hand at the Russian. He slid his feet back down to the floor and tapped his foot impatiently on the hard surface. “Please, help me out here, Ivan.” With that, Ivan stood from his chair and let out a small chuckle that was both maniacal and sinister.

“Da. Da! I’ll assist you, North Korea. Though i’m still apprehensive about this.”

“I knew you’d eventually come to agree with m-”

“On one condition.”

Hyung cocked his head to the side in confusion and frowed,”And whast would that be?” Ivan again chuckled. He then strolled over in a couple long strides and placed a large hand on Hyung’s small shoulder, “You’ve got to ask China about this first.”

Hyung stood with his hands intertwined behind his back and his dark military hat overlapping his eyes. The star in the center stood out just as brightly as one that resides in the night sky. A smirk crossed over his face as he said,

“So Yao-ssi? What do you think of this?” China, who was at this time sitting in an elaborate silk tapestry chair in his mansion’s living room, frowned with melancholy.

“North Korea, I’ve not much to say, aru.” He slid his thin fingers smoothly along the sides of his ceramic tea cup which ws covered in golden designs and filled with luscious green tea. While he rested quietly, he tapped his slender handes over the cup, where on or two of his rings would cling against the porcelain.

“Honestly, Yao, I’ve much to say. Ivan instructed that i make sure that you’s be able to assist me if need be. On the occasion that anyone were to intervene with this plan. Though both i and the Soviets have complete confidence that neither the Americans, nor his allies would be daft enough to enter a war against the powerful Sino-Soviet relationship that would tie us all together.” North Koeran said with confidence. Despite his young age as a new, independent nation, he stood with his shoulders as stiff as boards, and his voice as loud as one who’s fought thousands of battles. Battles were to come that would lead him to have the world’s fourth largest military, in due time.

“ Now, North Korea. I’d beglad to assist you in anyway. As you’ve seen, i have plenty of valuable men who i can send down into your country. I am sure that together we-”

Yao, please. Don’t fret about this one bit. I’ll let you know i if need any reassurance behind my actions. I’m sure that this war will be over with in a couple of days!” he pivoted on his heel and made his way back towards the door that he had come in from. “ And with that, i assure you, Yao. Using the left over the borders of the South.” After those words, he left, leaving Yao in a miniature mental fury. How dare such a naive little nation talk to one of thousands of years that way. China sighed and mumbled to himself as he licked the rim of his steaming cup of tea with the tip of his tongue.

“Such arrogance, his combined five thousand years with his brother was great, but his five years alone cannot compare to my life of struggle and terrifiying ordeals, aru. Such arrogance, such useless blasphemy.”

25th of june, 1950(Yong-Soo): The north Koreans invade the borders of South korea, surrounding many of the unprepared ROK troops[Republic of Korea]. Both ROK and American troops are caught by surprise, just as both of them were at a low point. Neither had experienced soliders, nor proper military supplies. Dear, Brother hyung, I’ve come to see that we’ve not always seen eye to eye, but that’s not a good reason to bring this conflict upon us. I only ask that you see my perspective in this. You know my troops are not going to hold yours for long, fifteen days at the most(Damn these useless World War Two weapons that have besieged us!). I know we both long for reunification, and i know that i would do this same injustice to you( though i know my democracy would have no chance of changing your unchangeabe minded). i beg of you, stop this. Or i will resort to asking the Americans of their assistance. With that will come combined coalition forces from the UN. (Yet, you’ve probably already thought of that, you’ve always been quick where i have lacked. You must’ve already addumed that the USA wouldn’t enter this war, and if they would, they couldn’t do much. We both relize the problems that Alfred’s had. At this point in time, he’s working on so many things). Stopping Aniki’s attempts at taking sister Taiwan (i realize you still despise the fact that i call him Aniki, i can’t help being influenced by thirty five years of Japanese occupation, brother! I know i shouldn’t even look upon the rising sun anymore, but i do) the Philippines and their problems, as well as the budgets geared towards the backing of France in Indochina. All of thos things are being shoved down the throats of the American. Again i ask you, brother, to stop this. I’ll turn to President Truman, and my president, Rhee, will ask for help. Jae-bal[Please], Hyung-Soo. Your brother, Im Young-Soo. Yong-Soo, his hair twirled in every direction and his hair curl seeping down nd sticking to the side of his face, crumpled the letter up into a ball. He then proceeded to throw it into his fireplace along with all of the other misfit ttempts tht he had written. The paper curled and crackled as it became fuel for the whispering flames.

June 25th, 1950 (Aflred Jones): Dear Arthur, I’ve come to send you a letter , sadly. I know you son’t hear from me much, especially not as often as either of us would like. Yet, on most accounts, sending you letters isn’t the most convenient way to communicate and at most times i have not the need to do so anyways. I have a couple of things to tell you. Please, tell the rest of the UN council not to worry(for now..). I’m fine, and on;y a couple of my people were killed today. Though it wasn’t at all pleasant. I’ll start from the top and just lead into what happened. So, i was enjoying myself in Washington, sitting back and relaxing. After all, we’ve had so much to do lately (with Indochina and France and also with China;s civil war ending. Sadly, China’s new leader is quite the sticker, a communist. While chaing Kai-Shek has managed to run off to Taiwan where he’s hiding out right now. I know we surely were hoping for the Nationalists to win the war, but i guess we can’t win them all, right?) Also, the facts that our defense budget is through the floor. I’m pleading with Congress to raise that threefold, but it’s not going well...While sitting back in my boss’ office, he got a call from one of his advisor over in South Korea. Apparently the Northern side decided to come over the 38th parallel and surround ROK troops. Our own troops were confused by the T-34 tanks at first, especially because we don’t have any of those down there right now. Soviet tanks, Arthur, Soviet tanks. They claim that it’s in the name of unification and complete indulgence that is leading to the South being completely transformed into a communist regime. Obviously, I asked Truman to consider sending more people in there, but he’s apprehensive on whether or not to do so at this point. I’ll keep trying to get us into this war, Arthur. Just the fact that China has recently switched to communism is horrifying. Especially because, if this Sovietism were to rub off on the Middle East, we’d be done for!! Also, being that we’ve been helping out Japan, just the thoughts of letting their former colony go communist completely, it makes me shiver. It could jeopardize our relationship with them!On the other hand, i really don’t want to have to deal with Ivan and the rest of the Soviet Union. The chances of them being behind all of this is just...scary. According to our advisors, the Chinese wouldn’t enter the war, but deep down, i think that Yao just might be willing for to fight against us. England, what the hell am i supposed to do?! Sincerely, America.

Ivan sat patiently at his mahogany desk and tapped his fingers in rhythm upon it. He grinned the usual grin of calm disposition and concurrence that he always pulled.

“So, i see that it went well, da? Your workers seem to be making sufficient progress. I complemented you, Hyung-Soo. It’s not often that someone can move faster than the Soviets theselves! Especially because the American’s aren’t even entering this war. That fact is secure, and it is definitely good news for your brigade.” Ivan chuckled in his high pitched demeanor and switched the position of his scarf with his hand.

“ Of course, you’d expect nothing less of the one raised by Stalin and Mao themselves, huh?” North Korea boasted, appeasing the Soviet purposely ans setting his arms out to the side in a gesture of modesty.

“Well, what do you plan on doing now?” Ivan asked, staring ahead at his fellow communist.”I’m sure it’s brilliant.”
Hyung chuckled deeply and leaned back aginst the wall which he stood in front of. “Ivan, i’mlooking forward to touching the South with the point of a bayonet. Though only hypothetically.”

A growl escaped the lips of both North Koera and his boss, Kim II-Sung. They both spoke out these words,

“What do you mean the American;s have entered this war?!” Ivan and his leader, Joseph Stalin stood at the opposite end of the room nd both shrugged their shoulders.
“We didn’t think they would, but appears they have. We may be the Soviet Union, but that dosen’t mean we can tell the future.” The north Koreans in front of them frowned deeply and glanced at each other. Ivan looked over and smiled strongly just to make the feeling of tenseness in the room.

“As intricate as this whole process may be, you may want to consider calling on Yao. You are being pushed back into your own country , after all.”

“What do you mean the American’s have entered this war, aru?! You said that they wouldn’t in fear of the ‘Sino-Soviet relationship that ties us together’. Well, what happened to that, aru?!” China yelled as he stood angrily from his chair. His tea tumbling onto the crimson red rug. Hyung held his hands up infront of him, saying,

:Hey, Hey! Calm down,Yao. Relax. I just need you to send down some people to keep them off of my tail, alright?”

“Keep them off your tail?! You didn’t even tell me that you began the invasion! You went over the 38th parallel into Yong-Soo’s territory without even notifying me, your ally, of anything?!” China continued to shout as he stumpled over, trying to keep his footing while being so immensely furious.

“Yao, Yao-ssi! Relax, sit down! It was the south that invaded me! They were unable to get far, but they started it before i!” he pleaded with a cleverly thought up lie. Which was not all completely false. At the time, the South Korean Government had been delving into possibility of reunifying forcefully with the North to establish complete democracy. China sat down with an angry thump and crossed his arms. His enlarged sleeves draped down over his lap and shone in the candlelight that lit around the room. The flames flickered immaculately, uncovering every shadow and every single crevice of slander.

“Liar, Hyung-Soo. You’re a liar. Sadly, i cannot help but feel joyous about your strong intnition to continue on even without my assistance. You’re too sly, and with that i am pleased(why, i cannot explain).Just take this into account, aru. Don’t lie to me agian, for your sake.”

August-Early September 1950: The North Korean Troops had pushed back US/UN/ROK forces to the Pusan Perimeter in South Korea ( A line that is shown by the outine of the Nakdong River). Hyung-Soo reched over and grasbbed a notepd and a pen from his desk. Peacefully, he st down in his black office chair and stared ahead at his ally, China.

“So, what info have you gathered about the Americans, Yao-ssi?” China stared right back at hime with the same level of intensity and smiled,

“Quite a bit actually. Though i’ll inform you of such things later. I’d like you to consider covering Seoul a bit more, for the Americans are looking at it from afar, but , i sincerely need you to watch your back at Inchon, aru.” while he spoke, North Kore wrote down notes. His pen stopped scribbling as he heard Inchon.

“That’s pointless. They’s do no such thing and i’m sure it isn’t of any importantance to wtch Inchon. That’s a trivial assumption, Yao. You know better.” he looked up from his pad and paper, his pitch black eyes gazing from beneath his military cap. “Besides, this war has only a couple more days left. Once we take Pusan, we’ll be able to keep Seoul secure.” he reached back behind him to grasp his brid and place it over his shoulder, assuming a position of superiority. China’s mouth opened for a second before it closed again. He thought to himself, Im Hyung-Soo. You’re going to regret saying that. I know it, and you know it too, aru. Why are you being so careless all of the sudden?

September 15th,1950:

“So, what do we have here?”

:Im-ssi. We have a prisoner. He seems to have come from one of the ROK battlions just beyond the Nakgong.” a young North Korean soldier answered his leader with confidence. Beneath his thoughts of triumph upon capturing the prisoner, he felt fear that rattled his bones and sent shivers down his spine. His hand shook furiously and his gun shook loudly as she spoke.

“Good, good. You’re dismissed.” Once hearing the relief, the soldier sprinted off to rejoin his fellow troops men who sat in a nearby trench. The mud spilled everywhere as the rain fell forcefully against the hard ground.

“Well well, Dong-Saeng[Younger brother]. I see we’ve come to meet again. It’s unfortunate that we have to see each other under these circumstances.” Hyung said, kneeling down on one knee which sank down a bit into the mud. In front of him was his brother, who’s hiar was ragged and muddy, his face scarred fromm butts of guns, his hands tied behind his back with thick wire. Yong-Soo looked up at his brother, tears gathering in his eyes as he felt the wire dig into his wrists.

“Hyung[Which is not only his name but also means Older brother], why do you have to do this?”

“Correction. I don’t have to do this. I want to do this.”

“Shut up...” Young’s voice trailed off pitifully into a high whisper. He felt the warm tears run down his face and converge with the freezing rain. “You have no right to do this to me, we’re brothers!” he whimpled while managing to stand up, though hunched over. The wire continue to penetrate his skin and his ankles twisted with strain in the mud, his bare feet sunk deeper into the sloppy vacuum.

“No right?! I have every right , you were planning to this same thing to me, brother!” the North yelled, tking a step forward, where one of his boots sunk deep into the mixture.

“We both know you want cantrol as a democracy, i want control as a communist state. What’s the differece, other thatn the fact that yopur government is weak, it’s pitiful, it;s completely underwhelming!” he continued to yell while letting out a couple of curses in Korean was he went .

“You couldn’t act as an independent country, even if you tried! You always have those American behind you. They’ll stab you in the back and take you down with them s they fall into another step through the mud and collapsed upon his brother, who out of relex caught him under his arms.

“Hyung, you’ve already stabed me in the back. The tip of your blade is sticking out of my chest, and i feel it everytime my heartbeats.” A couple more tense moments passed before a KPA soldier ran up behind North korea.

“Sir, i’m afraid we have a problem,” The North growled deeply.

“what kind of f***ing problem?”

“The mericans and the UN have gone in and taken Inchon via amphilbious landing.”The soldier lowered his head and let his gun droop down so that the tip grazed the mud. The sense of guards being let down was a perfect moment for the south to strike. With blazing speed, he drilled his knee deep into his brother’s stomach. Hyung let out a gasp as he fell down to the mud in pain. Within his gasps and coughs he growled once more.

“Damn you, Yong-Soo! I’ll get you, and your f***ing American sons-of-b****es!” Stunned at the sight of their leader in the mud, the soldiers took no actions in chasing after Yong. The South ran as fast as he could out of camp, each step drilling the copper wire deeper ans deeper into his already mutilated wrists.

The author's comments:
Something i was researching brought me to this and i was hook on this one war that was never taught to me in history class. i Dugged deeper into this and found this book called The coldest winter by David Halberstam and it taught me mostly everything i didn't know about the war already by Wikipedia. That when my Creativity blow up it created this 3334 word story about this war and how the leaders would of have acted. Please leave comments and suggestions. :D

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