Snow Wish Part 2

November 8, 2010
By HoneyMomo GOLD, Oakdale, California
HoneyMomo GOLD, Oakdale, California
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For some reason i spaced when hearing the word girlfriend then quickly asked"Why here?it seems small..where are your parents?"Eru did a half smile and said"They're dead,and my other family doesn't even know we're alive,they are also too old and sickly to take us in."He plopped beside me on the couch.He looked at the cup then me"Aren't you going to drink your tea?""Oh"i said and quickly took a sip"ouch!"i dropped the cup and it didn't break."Ha ha" Eru laughed a little"you should blow on it to you know maybe cool it down?"eru chuckled and went to clean it up.I had burnt my lips,but i felt warm inside,better than being so numb that its painful.Eru got a blanket and covered me.I forgot i had his jacket on,and he has someone!I took it off quickly and said"here"holding it out to him,he stared at it then said"Keep wearing it,you were in the freezing snow for who knows how long,in summer clothes."I flinched,feeling i had been rude,i held it close to me,it had a strong smell but was soft."I'm sorry i messed up your floor and made a mess for-"I was saying when he said"no,no its fine!you don't have much of a choice,you can't go home,i won't allow you"I sat frozen thinking oh no maybe i got with some pervert i asked"So you want me to stay here..for one night right?"Eru got up and walked into the kitchen."You have to!I'm making something delicious tonight!I'm great at cooking!"Eru kept talking"hm i wonder where Rebekah and Jack are.."As Eru started to cook,i looked to the left and saw two doors down a hall.A few minutes later we were eating the best Spaghetti i ever had!I cant believe i ate two full helping,i felt like a pig.Eru went into the door at the end of the hall and came back with a pillow for me and more blankets,then turned off the lights.Moonlight illuminated from a tiny window from the kitchen though.Eru was about to walk away but paused and came back over and knelt beside me as i lay buried in blankets to my neck."I'm going to sleep now and so should you,but don't go running out on me okay?You can stay here as long as you need."then he stood up and left saying"goodnight"to me as he went to his room.

The author's comments:
Continuation of the other snow wish.

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