Snow Wish Part 1

November 8, 2010
I was sitting on the dock,letting my legs swing freely,like that one song which i decided to start singing for some apparent reason"Sitting on the dock of the bay,watching the tide roll away,just sitting wasting my ti-iii-me".I stopped and just continued sitting in silence,wondering why does it seem when i don't want to be aloe,everyone is busy,maybe i can't have what i want?"Hmmm"i said to myself out loud,i wanted to forget everything"I wish it wasn't snowing,i want it to be a happy hot humid day"i said as i layed down then instantly sat right back up"brr,maybe being in a tank top and shorts just sitting in the snow IS LESS COLD then laying in it"I made a bored pout expression,then hopped up and started climbing the various poles and boxes stacked around the on the dock.I could jump but apparently wasn't good with my upper body strength,so i let myself drop and fall,cushioned by the surrounding snow.I lay looking up,i was too numb to feel the cold,i laughed,i looked towards my right arm and saw my fingers were bright red and my arms pale,almost matching the color of the snow.I closed my eyes then heard someone say"hey"i jolted up and saw a guy which he was now bent over laughing,i guess my reaction must've been funny."Ha ha,so hey girl,what're you doing here?"He asked."I uh..i"i sat staring,he was rather tall,he had on a big black puffy jacket,a red beanie and gloves,his pants weren't what usual boys wear,which is skinny jean,but had on loose black pants,which somehow made him look good."Hey,are you okay?He asked waving his hand in front of my face."Oh,my name's Reena"I said quickly.He stared at me,then made a face like oh my God..he asked"What ARE you wearing?!"He grabbed my hand and held me to him,then he took off his jacket and put it around me and held me into his chest again,i felt abit of anger,i mumbled"What's your name?" "Eruilzun,but you can call me Eru"I heard Eru say.Then before i even thought of telling him of he had picked me up and was carrying me,walking somewhere with me.And he was the first to start asking questions,this tall weirdo named Eru."So miss Reena,what were you doing climbing like a monkey,in clothes like that?"He asked looking straight at me."My Parents are fighting,so i left"I responded bluntly."Why are they fighting"He asked calmly"Well..."I don't know what came over me to make me tell a stanger about everything but i just couldn't hold it in,so i did."My parents are divorcing,since my older sister died they've been fighting,my mom locks herself in her room and my dad goes out and drinks all night......they are trying to figure out who'll have custody of me..."He stared at me,no expression"Oh"is all he said.Then he stopped walking and i looked away from Eru and saw we were at a small door,Eru put me down the the door opened.He walked in then turned around and held his hand out to me,I took it.I was sitting on a very cushioned couch which had a deep lavender smell to it,and the whole room was so incredibly warm."This is where we stay"Eru said,he came and gave me a cup of tea that he warmed on the stove.The kitchen and room were so close together.The cup was hot to hold,then i question"We?""My older brother and My Girlfriend"he said.

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