Olivia Chapter 2 Middle School

November 9, 2010
By HoneyMomo GOLD, Oakdale, California
HoneyMomo GOLD, Oakdale, California
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Olivia didn't want popular beauty,she love her cruel beauty,it's eeriness gave chills up her spine.Once in middle school she was able to really get started and do as she pleased.She dressed in her stolen clothes that had been laying in wait,hidden i her closet for future use.

To begin she wore her 2 inch heels to get balance and a steady foot for them.Wearing her suffocating grey tank top and jeans that left no room except for the rips in them all for the style.Olivia's hair finally shoulder length from having it short as a child.her normal skin color starting to fade as she kept hidden form the light.Of course many adults noticed that she stayed out of the sun and asked her if the sun hurt her,Olivia told them she preferred the coolness of the shade to wave them away.

Olivia's teeth were already perfect,that took that out of the way but she wanted to make her eyes look more majestic,glassy and mysterious but she never wanted plastic surgery so she had to look up ways of making them so.

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