Remembering Where I Wasn't

November 14, 2010
Walking through the warm, almost white sand, sent chills through my body. Making my way toward the shore, I took my time, enjoying every beautiful moment of my small journey. The ripples of the waves calmed my body as I drew closer to the water.

When I approached the beautiful, bluish green sea, I stopped. The gentle waves rolled over my toes. I sat down. I could taste the salt in the air as the mist covered my face with a thin, scattered layer of sea water. As the sun began to rise, I felt the warmth and light sink into my body. Occasionally, a sea gull flew past the sun, in my view. The sounds of their calls filled my head, completing the scene.

As hours passed, I thought about this endless body of water. I thought about all the colors that I could pull out of it, and the creatures that swam through it. But most of all, I thought about how it felt. The sand was gritty, but soft at the same time. I have experienced nothing quite like it. The sea was currently cold to me, but warm to others. The sun was so many shades of oranges, reds, and yellows…beautiful. And the sky was like somebody smeared a rainbow into it. It starts radiant by the sun, and fades out as you move your eyes away. The rare scene in front of me has etched its beauty into my heart.

I had nothing planned for the day, so I continued to think. This time, about the sounds I heard. The faint call of the waves could be heard if you paid close attention. The sea gulls perfectly scattered their calls throughout the time I was sitting at the shore. Even though there wasn’t much, a small, salty flavor nipped at my tongue. It probably came from the relaxing mist given off by the sea. There was a small, salty aroma as well. It danced its way into my memory, just as every other thought I had on this beach.

One thing after another, from one topic to the other, I thought. I thought about things in a deep manner. So deep, that when I awoke, I wished I was there, instead of in a deep sleep, that would only let me dream…

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