Backyard Creek

November 14, 2010
Walking past a backyard creek, listening to all the sounds. The leaves in the wind, the flow of the water, the chirps of the birds, and the sound of my bare feet, gently walking through the almost-dead grass. It’s all so real.

The wind seems to talk to me, as I make my way down the endless, trickling stream. The water splashes at my feet, cooling them down as if it were doing it intentionally. Everything seems so alive. The smell, the taste, even the sounds are put together so perfectly. The birds are chirping in my ears, and the insects are hopping around my feet. The squirrels are chasing each other up trees, and the salt-ish aroma that doesn’t want to get out of my nose is becoming more of an enjoyment.

Eventhough my legs are beginning to hurt, I just can’t stop walking. I want to see beyond what I can currently see, then keep going. I want to lose myself in the beauty. I couldn’t imagine a life without this kind of pleasure. Not many people stop to explore their backyards. Who knows!? You may find that this simple landscape may just be the most fascinating place you have ever visited…

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