To leave the nest

November 16, 2010
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The room, which was his for 16 years, was now packed into eight brown boxes. The objects that remained unpacked were the large sleigh bed, matching dresser and a white birdcage. Lucas walked into the room from the doorway, stopping in the middle to turn and continue to the window. “Well it is safe to say this is it. They can’t take it away from me now.” He was talking to the empty cage as if the yellow canary his grandmother gave him still perched on the swing. “I can’t believe this though—everything worked for finally paid off. Look at me, talking like this is the end” he chuckled. “Seven hours away, seven hours worth of a new beginning. But what if I hate it? Sure the campus is beautiful and the programs are exceptional but what if… Go what if my roommate swims?! Swimmers don’t wear shoes! Or what if I get stuck with six roommates, I can’t force myself to like six guys. What if… What if… No. Stop. You’re doing it again, questioning what doesn’t need to be questioned. Don’t change now, not after everything you’ve done to get here. Everything is fine.” He turned from his window and walked up to the suitcase that was open on his bed. “God, I remember this, Lily got so sick from trying the squid.” In his hands he held a picture of him seated between his two best friends, Lily and Grant, at Sushi Stix. “What will I do without you two? Thank you guys—for everything. It is going to be a long year with out you…” A car horn beeped three times, bringing Lucas back to reality. “So this is it… seventeen years of hard work paid off. The hours of studying, extracurriculars and work all for the chance at a dream.” Zipping up the sides of the suitcase, he then walked over to the birdcage and opened the door. “It’s time to leave the nest…” He picked up his bag and walked down the stairs.

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