Daddy's Girls

November 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Luke was your typical, run of the mill, father. Lunches were packed every morning for his

two daughters and his son. Breakfast was cooked. This included steaming pancakes drowned in

maple brown syrup with triangle cut strawberries on the side. Clothes were put on. Hair was

brushed neatly. Car rides were loud and free as the world passed by. Kisses were exchanged as he

wished them off into the big universe of school. A look of awe and appreciation passed his face

as a single tear glistened from the corner of his eye and onto his neatly pressed collar.

Another day in paradise in the world of work. He clocked in with that eye popping smile

that men dreamed of having. Women stared and soaked in the presence of his body. Looks and

whispers were exchanged between groups of women that yearned for his eyes to lock with their

own. He barely noticed them as he went to his desk. Files were in a neat pile on the left side of

this desk. These must be what he is has to do today. He logged on to his computer and opened up

the exciting world of the internet. Of course he had to have a crash course on how to operate this

“machine” a couple of years ago. Who would of thought that technology would be this


It’s finally time for lunch break. He slowly crunched up from his seat and strolled down

to the break room. All eyes appeared on him as he entered the room. He scanned the room for a

place to sit. He finally found a good table where his work buddies have congregated at the back

of the room. He shook hands with each of them in turn and got out his modest lunch. Only a

peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. Conversation of current events swirled around the table.

Oh, break was almost over. How time flies when you have fun.

The work day came to an end. He gathered all of his finished files and stored them into

the file cabinets for his boss to find later that night. He grabbed the rest of his belongings and ran

to the elevator. Traffic was present as he raced out of the parking lot. He went through his short

cut to get to his destination. He pulled up to the curb to find his wonderful children waiting for

him outside the school. They got into the car with bright shining faces. “How was y’alls day

today? Did y’all have fun?” All at once they jumped into their stories of their days. Luke tried to

listen to all of them at the same time, but a father can only do so much. He shook his head to

himself and drove off onto the road contemplating of what was to come of the next day.

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