Procedure Vol. 2

November 12, 2010
By kevin watkins GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
kevin watkins GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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The building was in mayhem, nurses flying around and doctors noses in paperwork. The dog had been long gone, and so had anyone’s chances of surviving the disease. I limped slowly into the waiting room. The sparkled eyed kid with the shiny head had a miracle around his belt for the second time. I heard of rumors of half of the pink ribbon kids already dead. The waterworks seemed to be never ending, and my agony became worse. The world seemed to crash and burn, my heart was like a piston. I then slowly, slower, and finally crashed. The waiting room went into frenzy, I heard ominous voices coming from left and right. A man smoking a cigarette seemed to not mind at all while his buds made their way into my mouth. The next voice I heard was the kids, a very high pitched excited laugh. But I couldn’t respond, I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t move my face.
“What’s wrong with him?” The kid said trying to shake me awake.
“Honey he’s in a coma.” I heard a women say.
Then I heard footsteps come in, like Nike’s. I knew who it was immediately.
“So how long has he been asleep?” Damien said.
“About a month!” The kid answered.
“Oh really? Hold on a second I think I know what to do.” Damian said. I felt him reaching in his pocket for something. Then a sting, a sharp pain on my face that transcended to my toes. I heard footsteps run in.
“You can’t slap a person awake!” It must have been the doctor.
“Well it’s more than you guys have been doing!” The muscles on my face moved half an inch. I could feel my fingers working. I slowly began to open my eyes. I motioned a bit, which caught the doctor’s attention. I moved my hand towards Damien, he came closer. I reached my hand across his face, full on smack. Everyone broke into laughter, everyone except for Damian. I heard a slight sound of tension in the voice of someone at the front desk. He was talking to a police officer, and the police officer wasn’t happy. The doctor, seeing the police officer fled to another room. Damian whispered something in the kid’s ear, and the kid nodded. The police officer came in, and saw me laying down, eyes closed.
“He’s in a coma officer, is there a problem?” The kid said with a shaky voice.
“Yes, is this the room of Zach?” He said flipping through some papers.
“Were not sure, he hasn’t talked at all.” Answered Damien. The office took his cap off, and went to the next room. I awoke quickly and dressed up.
“On the road again?” Said Damian smiling. I looked down, and bent to my knees. The kid looked up at me, with sad eyes. He knew I was leaving, and tears started to roll down his cheeks.
“Hey, how about you come with us?” I said whipping a tear off of his cheek.
“Yes!” He answered quickly and hugged me tight.

The author's comments:
This is my second peice, YOU HAVE TO READ THE FIRST ONE, or else this will make no sense.

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