Escaping hell

November 12, 2010
By Dice14 SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
Dice14 SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Suddenly, I found myself escaping from what seemed to be "hell". Away, away from the foster care, the financial problems, and other troubles. I'd seem to be in another realm, a world full of light and joy. I saw people who i thought I'd never see again. I saw my grandmother who used to take care of me, and I saw my mom who seemed to be shining, I never seen her before, but it seem as though to me the prettiest person or woman I've ever seen. As the two talked to me they said i'm not finished with my journey on earth. They said I have a lot to accomplish. They asked me to go back to where I come from and that we'll see each other again one day. I was reluctant to even go back from where I've come from, but I was going to listen to the most beautiful people I've ever seen. So, faithfully I closed my eyes for 3 seconds and then it felt as if I was on a train moving, through a tunnel. Suddenly I was in my assigned bed, as if i just woke up. Maybe it was just a dream of where I wanted to be , somewhere else, other than this "hell hole". But I figure maybe this is what my life is supposed to be.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to do this piece was foster kids. Who seem to just want to disappear or just die, because they think life is not worth it. But the whole purpose of the story is to say you have purpose in life and it's your responsiblity to contribute to this world, even if your life is hell. So, in other words " don't give up in life or yourself", you're so important to this world.

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