November 13, 2010
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The train pulled into the station and the doors opened. She stepped out onto the platform and followed the few late-night stragglers to the exit. Once she got onto the street, she pulled the hood of her jacket over her head, partially to block the biting December wind from her face and partially to conceal her face from anyone that might recognize or be able to identify her.

She walked down the nearly empty streets. Mostly everyone had taken refuge in their homes from the unforgiving cold. As she rushed through the streets, she listened to the sounds around her. A violent fight coming from one building, the cry of a baby, a siren off in the distance. As she made her way to her destination, she reflected on the hopelessness that these sounds. That's how she used to feel- hopeless. But now she had hope. Hope that she was making the right choice, hope that things would get better.

Finally she reached her destination. She looked up at the imposing building, took a deep breath, and went in. Using the extra key she had swiped from his apartment the last time she was there, she let herself into the building. Luckily for her, there was no one in the lobby of the building and she took the elevator up to the 5th floor. She didn't bother hiding from the security cameras- they didn't work.

Once she got to the 5th floor, she stopped outside of the apartment and pulled her Colt 1911 punisher from her shoulder bag. She quickly checked to make sure if it was loaded, attached the silencer, and clicked off the safety. She quietly opened the apartment door and let herself in, gun at the ready. The apartment was dark but she had been there enough times that she didn't need the light. She felt her way to the bedroom, where the door was standing wide open. She peeked in and saw him fast asleep on his bed.

Her hatred for him rose and she had to keep herself from pulling the trigger immediately. He had ruined her life from the moment they met. She wanted him to see her when he died. She walked up to the side of his bed, and turned on his bedside lamp. When he opened his eyes, she held the gun to his temple.

"Say goodbye." She said and pulled the trigger. For a brief moment his eyes widened in surprise but then went blank as the bullet entered his head and the life drained out of his. She waited for a few minutes, watching him for any signs of life. When she was satisfied that he was dead, she let herself out of the apartment. Victoria walked back to the train to go home, happy that she had finally rid herself of that evil.

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