November 13, 2010
By Jesusandwordsfanatic PLATINUM, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Jesusandwordsfanatic PLATINUM, Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Romans 14:8-For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.

Once again it is a new school year. There are only a couple new people, but since they’re in sports they had practices and camps all during the summer ‘break’ so they’re already well known and loved. There is one new guy in the freshmen class though, that no one seems to recognize by the name. Oh well! Just wait till school I guess!

First day of school: Everyone’s siked about their first day of school, as usual. (Ring ring!!!) Homeroom started with a great vibe; it turns out that the new kid’s name is Jesse Jenkins. He looks sort of discreet and no one says hi or welcomes him to GGE! (God’s Grace Education; the pastor of GGC (the church) is considering renaming the old school.)
Makaila Ramon is a peppy, pretty, God honoring girl who’s been coming to this school ever since kindergarten and her dad is a pastor at the church. She notices this and is greatly disappointed in her fellow classmates; especially the guys.
Second hour: Makaila just so happens to be sitting right in front of Jesse, and of course she decides to welcome him. “Hey! My name’s Makaila. Nice to meet you Jesse! Hope you like it here at GGE.” He looked somewhat touched that such a pretty and kind girl was actually giving him the slightest bit of attention. They talked very briefly because he was still so nervous even after her warm greeting; she decided to be ok with that as she would be nervous too.
The rest of the day seemed to go fairly well. Makaila did feel bad for Jesse though because not many people tried to reach out to him. She felt bad, but realized that it would be a slow growing process. Every day she tried to say ‘hey’ or wave to him and just make him feel like he could be comfortable and relax. He gradually did, but gradually is the key word there.
Two weeks into school already and still no progress as far as anyone else reaching out. Well, it was a Friday and Monday-Thursday of the next week would be the school’s GAD (Get Acquainted Days; the students go to their church sponsored camp for 4days and just have fun with games and gett’n to know each other and of course sermons.) Hopefully Jesse would find a friend then.
GLORY HALLELUIJAH! The guys and girls were having a combined swim time because they were playing a game. Jesse seemed to kinda open up more and he talked to Makaila and her group and felt like there was going to be a bit more hope. The day went by and more games and meals and just free time led to more success. Jesse especially seemed to take a liking to Dan, Mia, and Makaila. During free time he came into the gym and asked to join Makaila’s team in volleyball; they played against Dan and Mia who ‘weren’t dating.’ It was a great game and he really seemed to enjoy himself, but then when the dinner bell rang he just raced off! (Probably to find his brother…Oh yeah! turns out Jesse is Mike’s brother.) Jesse was definitely a mystery to them, and everyone else.
The next day came slowly and that afternoon instead of going to the lake Makaila and Bria stayed for free time. They hung out with Vikki and Miesha and Desiree in the gym cheer’n on the guys’ game of basketball. They had a grand time mak’n up names for each guy as he made a basketball or a cool move; it was just hilarious. Then, while the guys got a snack and a drink, Vikki and La’Bron played two-on-two. Vikki won of course by 6 points. Everyone was teas’n La’Bron. Bria and Makaila went into the snack shop and in a booth all by himself was Jesse. The girls went over and asked what was wrong. “Ah noth’n, just sitt’n.” He’s very country by the way. “Do you mind if we do noth’n and sit with yuh too?” asked Bria. He kinda smiled at her NY accent trying to imitate his country drawl and kinda nodded. So there they were; sitting, eating, not really talking, until Mike came over and scooched his brother over. “There you are! Been looking all over for you! Hey Bria! Hey Makaila!” “Hey!” replied the girls. They talked for a while and then Mike returned to the gym for basketball and Bria went to go fix her hair so that left Jesse and Makaila. At first it was silent; finally, Makaila got enough courage to just start asking questions. Jesse was actually surprised, but answered ‘em anyway. They ended up talking for a good 20min and just getting to know each other, telling stories, and laughing. It was still a little awkward, but it was a great progress.
The pastor’s mother had died that Monday and he spoke about that. He said how they needed to make sure they were 100% sure that they would go wherever and that they needed to do everything in their power to get their loved one’s saved. More importantly he talked about how when suffering comes they can’t change God. He said that when his mom died he started saying well maybe there is Purgatory and maybe she will get a second chance. He was on fire about how that is WRONG!!! It was an amazing sermon! Well, for invitation he let anyone who wanted to come to the front and take a knee before the Lord for whatever reason. He stayed there only expecting a few as normal, but he had to move out of the way because almost everyone went forward. He was shocked. After invitation they split up by grade and then by gender. They talked about what went on in their hearts and how they were moved. Many people were tearing up. It was great. After that was over everyone went back into the main room for dismissal. The youth pastor noticed that a LOT of people were teary eyed and some were actually crying. You could tell by his face that he was considering what to do; in the end he called for testimonies. Immediately people stood waiting their turns to say something. Some turned and said ‘I’m sorry so and so; I murdered you in my heart because I hated you for this reason or that’ and people everywhere were standing saying things like that and that they got saved or that they got right with God and sharing commitments with the student body. It was overwhelming! Makaila could actually feel and see the Holy Spirit in the room smiling after a job well done.
Makaila couldn’t wait to go back to school and see how things had changed. What a great way to start off the year. When she got back, Makaila immediately went to her school email and emailed all of her friends about how it was a great experience and she loved ‘em all and such.
Jesse and Makaila’s friendship grew as time went by and they eventually started Gmail chatting every night. Makaila asked who else he chatted and/or talked to period outside of school. “You’re the only one,” was his reply. All Makaila could do was smile. He was a great friend, but he did cuss and she wasn’t sure if he was saved or not. She witnessed regularly and they had spiritual debates, but he still came back to talk to her which said to her that he cared about her too much to let one difference get in the way. This meant that not only does she have another best friend, but that he’ll let her talk about God and stuff and he will debate it, but he’ll never get so offended that he shuns her. (It’s a good thing.)
Well, Makaila found herself actually liking him, though she didn’t want to. One night she had a dream that he invited her to his house to meet his old friends and his girl. Of course she said yes. Her dad took her on the motorcycle and of course he was impressed. He gave her the tour of the house, and the stable, and parts of the forest, but his girlfriend came over and real snooty like said, “Umm, Jesse, why are you hanging out with her and not me? And who is she??” She was a brat and a gum smacker. Makaila was highly offended, but expected it so she brushed it off and cut Jesse off. “I’m Makaila, Jesse’s best friend from school. What a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled really big and offered her hand out. Sabrina (which happened to be her name) was so baffled that she just stood there and then continued her conversation with Jesse. “Well oh well I don’t care! Go wait for me at the bonfire!” She wined and stomped off while Jesse and Makaila just had to giggle. “Why are you still with…..that?” asked Makaila. “Don’t worry I’m break’n up with her tonight.” “Ok good!” They continued to laugh and imitate her. Then Jesse’s face got more serious and he asked, “Makaila I really like you, and I was wandering if you would be my girlfriend? I realized that I wasn’t saved after everything you had said to me and I got saved two nights ago after our conversation. I realize that with her as a girlfriend I’ll never be able to be a Christian, and I want my best friend to be the one to help me with my growth, and my emotions.” He just smiled because it was very hard for him to say although it needed to be said. Makaila smiled bigger than she probably ever has. She laid down the ground rules and he agreed to them. They held hands all the way into the forest down to the bonfire. It was getting dark so they went ahead and made the fire bigger, and began roasting hotdogs, hamburgers, and marshmallows. He introduced her to all of his old friends and they went off into the woods. It was just Jesse, Makaila, and Sabrina left. “Sabrina, we need to talk,” started Jesse. “Ok let’s go this way away from her,” she replied coldly. “Actually she needs to be here,” he said protectively and sternly. “Alright. What?” “I got saved two nights ago and because I am now a Christian, I can’t date you anymore because I know that you wouldn’t change and you’d be too big of a bad influence on me.” She looked a little puzzled like maybe this is a joke, then she remembered Makaila was there. “So what does she have to do with this?!?!?” she stormed as she pointed to Makaila. “I have asked her to be my new girlfriend because she is my best friend, and she’d keep me in line.” Makaila kinda smiled and nodded. Sabrina acted as though she were going to walk away and leave, but she stopped, turned to Makaila, went to smack her, but Jesse saw it coming so he had slowly followed her and grabbed her arm right before she hit Makaila’s face. “If you ever dare to hurt my girl I will go after you in one way or another, and you know I will too.” His eyes looked as though fire were in them, though it might have been from the bonfire. Sabrina stomped off smacking her gum more than ever. Jesse relaxed from his defensive position and turned to Makaila. All she could do was smile and get up and hug him. According to her terms, he just gave her a simple, soft kiss on the cheek. It was a feeling she had never felt before from anyone other than her parents, and she kinda liked it, though it was all new to her. The rest of the night was a blast, just hanging out, talking, and at 10pm he pulled out his guitar and sang Makaila a love song. After he finished he gave her a ring on a black rope necklace. “I had everything I like about you engraved around the ring.” Sure enough, there were the words, ‘beautiful’, ‘God-honoring’, ‘character’, ‘kind’, and ‘my best friend’. She was so overwhelmed, and then the sound of her dad’s motorcycle woke her up from her dream.
“What a wonderful dream!” She ran to her computer and typed up this story as fast as she could. ;)

The author's comments:
ok the beginning of it is true but when it gets to the dream part, that really was a dream; wonder of you can figure out the twist of the story. ;)

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