The City Welcomes a Farm Boy

November 11, 2010
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The boy climbed to the top of the tree hoping he could escape from life. The bark from the tree was rough. The boy struggled getting up the tree because the tree was so tall and full. As the boy put his last leg up on the branch he carefully grabbed another branch that was right above him and he slowly stood up. Looking from his point of view he could see the whole city of New York by climbing one ordinary tree. The boy felt as if all his troubles went away. He could hear the cars below him “beeping,” there was a lot of traffic. He could smell the aroma of spaghettis coming from a near by restaurant down below. The boy was amazed of how the view was. The skyscrapers were tall and skinny and the lights were almost like a laser light show. Lights going on and off at all times. The boy felt like he was on top of the world almost as if he was unstoppable. That no one could tell him what to do. For once he felt like he was in charge of his own life, not his parents, not his friends; no one.

He was looking at the world pass by him as he blinked and he wondered what had he been missing. The boy quickly climbed down the tree and ran down the hill to explore a whole new world that was just waiting for him. The boy was named Andrew; he lived in a small town on a farm, he has luscious blonde hair that shimmered in the bright sunlight. His family’s farm was the only local farm in town. Andrew’s family wasn’t the wealthiest but neither poor. His family still made enough money to put food on the table. Andrew made it down the hill and was amazed at what he had seen…

He saw big tall skyscrapers towering over him. Andrew could see cars of all kinds and different colors go by, almost like a rainbow of speed. He saw tons of stores, mostly fast food stores such as: Burger King, Wendy’s, and even McDonalds. Andrew had always dreamed about eating in one of those places but he knew his family couldn’t afford it. Neither could he. Andrew saw people coming in and out of stores. He wondered what it would be like to live in the city. What did people do and how did people react to bright lights at night and hectic loud noises going on everyday? Andrew quickly looked in his pocket to see how much money he had, Andrew only had 12 dollars. He wondered what he could buy with just 12 dollars in the big city. He went to a near by store and bought himself any type of food he could afford. New York was expensive With his 12 dollars he ended up with 2 bags of Lays chips and a drink. Andrew quickly finished his drink and put what was left of the bag of chips in his pocket for later. He started walking down the streets and seeing all these new places. As he was walking he approached a young girl sitting up against a wall. She had musty old clothes, holes everywhere, she had frizzy hair almost as if an imaginary balloon stood above her head making it stand up like it was but yet her hair looked like it hadn’t been washed for months.

Andrew asked, “Excuse me, but why are you sitting there?”

“I’m sitting here because I have no where else to go. I ran away from home when I was nine years old. My life had always been rough, I never had a good childhood; my parents were never there for me. I couldn’t handle all the pressure anymore.” The hopeless girl said.

“Well you seem hungry. I have some left over chips if you would like them?” Andrew asked politely

“Thanks but no thanks kid, but I gotta say you’re not like other boys. Usually most people just judge me for the way I look. You know?” the girl said

“By the way the names Rebecca, with two C’s not one understood?” she smirked

“So tell me Rebecca what’s there to do in the city? It’s very noisy if you ask me.” Andrew stated.

“What’s there to do in the city? Psh haha were have you been? She chuckled. Come on! I’ll show you!”

Hand in hand, Rebecca was off showing Andrew all these new sites. Andrew indeed was excited. Rebecca knew New York as if it was her own home. Rebecca and Andrew looked at many sites, Andrew was but yet amazed, there were so many historical sites such as: Broadway, Times Square and the tallest the Empire State building!

It was about seven at night and Andrew and Rebecca had been in the city. Rebecca had but one more place to show Andrew. Andrew was wondering where she was taking him and than finally they arrived at Rebecca’s destination. It was but only a small quiet looking church off the corner of Rosewood Avenue.

“I use to show up here all the time when I felt like there was no hope for me. I use to come here and pray for god to help me out the first couple of days when I ran away. It was hard but my parents could never understand me. Listen Andrew, you have no idea what I go through. You don’t know what its like coming home from school and seeing your parents already knocked out on the couch with a bottle of Vodka in each one of there hands. Even better having to make dinner for yourself each night because you don’t have your mom there to help you. My parents were never there I couldn’t depend on my parents for anything. It was way to much pressure on me I couldn’t stand living with them.” Rebecca cried.

Andrew was almost tearing up as well, tears running down both cheeks. He knew what it was like to have people tell you what to do. Andrew never really thought about running away, he knew his parents would worry so much about him. He realized what Rebecca went through and what she had to face everyday in the city. Andrew realized now that the only reason parents tell there kids what to do is to teach them what to become in life and the ways they can succeed in goals their want to achieve.

“Well I better be going now, thanks Rebecca maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” Andrew said kindly

“I hope to see you soon! Hope your day in the city was a good one kiddo.” Remarked Rebecca

Andrew than worried what his parents were thinking since he had been gone for quite a while. Andrew made his way to the near by hill the tall tree was. He quickly walked up the hill and approached his family farm. Andrew had known that the city had changed his life for good.

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