Behind Closed Doors

November 11, 2010
The pain, the terror that grips my insides is at war, it’s at war with the happy, bright, loving side of me that longs to break this ever bearing curse. This curse, this strange curse that no one, yet everyone bestowed upon me. Everyone may wonder why I continuous sit alone at lunch and mutter darkly to myself, but they don’t deserve an answer they never have. They don’t know what goes on behind the closed door of this school, of the doors inside my house. They don’t understand what it’s like to be me. What it’s like living in this impervious hell. No one understands the daily pain that I feel. The torture I go through daily. Nobody knows how strong I really am. I bet you’re wondering who I am and what I mean. I highly doubt you deserve an answer. Dare I tell you? Are you one of those people who will just sit and stare, and then continue with your life? I bet you are I bet you’ve always been that way. And you know people never change. But then again maybe you aren’t one of those people. So dare I take the chance? Do you really honestly want to know? No, no I don’t dare, do I? I can’t decide if even one of you are worthy to hear my story. If even one of you wouldn’t use it to throw in my face, because honestly I quite love my lifestyle right now maybe that’s because I’ve been in it so long that I am used to it but I don’t know, sometimes I wish I had a way out. I don’t think any of you are truly worth this news, none of you would take it correctly and just leave me alone. So to those unworthy, I hope you read this and grow curious as to what hidden secrets are locked away behind the closed doors in your house, in your school, where you work. Don’t forget, and never say I didn’t warn you that you might not like what you find if you go looking for answers.

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