Run Away

November 9, 2010
By Maynor Montes BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
Maynor Montes BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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Jr. was walking down an empty road. It was as black as a (bottomless) pit. You could hardly see him walking down the street. Jr. was light skinned, tall, and he had dark blue eyes. Jr. had dirty blonde hair but he covered it with a black hoodie. He was on his way home from the movies. When he got home he opened his front door and saw his step-father who was waiting for him with a belt in his hand. Jr. already knew what was coming up. So he ran to his room and got his book bag and filled it with food and drinks so he could survive a couple of days away from home.

“I’m never coming back home,” said Jr.

“Good, cause we don’t want you here anyways,” replied the step-father.

Jr had tears in his eyes. He didn’t know what to do or where to go, so he just ran towards the woods, which were about an hour away from his house. When he got to the woods, he found this nice spot where he could just sit and cool off. Jr.found this nice big tree and started to climb the tree to the very top. When Jr. got to the top of the tree he had noticed that the view from the top of it was amazing. Jr. looked up at the sky and saw the most beautiful stars he’d ever seen. He couldn’t see the stars from his house because there were too many lights. He had fallen in love with the beautiful view of the sky. The sky was lit up by the stars. He could see the shine of a crescent moon. He felt safe under the stars. He felt that there was such a thing called peace. Jr. started to close his eyes when he heard a voice in his head. It sounded like his mom and step-father’s voices.

“Finally he’s gone,” said the step-father.

“Now we have the whole house to ourselves,” He imagined her saying.
Even thought it was his imagination. Jr. felt anger and hatred building up inside him, like before. He started losing control over his own body. Where was this strength coming from?

“What do I do?” yelled Jr.

He started feeling stronger than before. He felt like he could take on anyone, so he jumped off the tree and ran back to the city. Jr. started seeing city lights and began losing speed. He saw people walking on the street. He got closer to the people. Then out of nowhere he clenched his hand and was about to hit an innocent person, but in the back of his head something made him stop. Everyone looked at him wired out. Jr. ran back to the tree he had found in the woods and started to work out to let out the anger and hatred he had inside him. He felt stronger then ever.

After a while he got tired. So he climbed his tree and went to sleep. The next morning Jr. felt really sore because of his work out the night before. He thought about going home and talking about the problem with his parents. So he climbed down the tree and started walking back home. He was about a good hour away from his house. He knew it was a long way back home. He started to think about what his parents were going to do or say if he went back home.

“Will they hurt me? Will they ground me or maybe kick me out of the house. I can’t go back but I at least have to talk to them,” he said to himself.

He was half way there when he saw one of his friends named Jake.

“Yo, what’s up?” asked Jake.

“Nothing, chilling. Going home to talk with my mom.” said Jr.

“O aight then peace.” said Jake.

“Peace.” said Jr.

He continued his adventure back to his house. He got to his house and found his step-father’s car and his house door open. Only one thing went through his mind. Something was wrong and he had to hurry back to his house. He ran to his house and ran in and saw his step-father choking his mom. He couldn’t believe what was happing. So he just ran to the guy and pushed him off.

“Hey what the freak lay off her you lazy bum!” said Jr.
“What the heck!” yelled the step-father.
He watched Jr. clenched his fist. He saw the hatred in his eyes from the glare Jr. was giving his step-father.
“Leave now or I’ll make you.” He mattered
The step-father left and Jr ran to his mother’s assistant. She coughed for a little bit.
“What happened?” asked Jr.
“We got into a fight and then out of nowhere he started choking me. If you hadn’t come right now, I could have been dead.” said his mom.
“I hope he never comes back.” said Jr.
“But we need him to pay the bills.”
“No we don’t, we can pay then.”
“With what money?”
“I can get more hours at my job to save up money for the rent.”
“I’m proud of you son.”
“Thanks Mom.”

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