The Championship Game

November 9, 2010
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Chad had just woken up. He came downstairs, to see his mom making pancakes in the kitchen. His mom had said, "Good morning Chad, want some pancakes?"
“Sure," Chad said. Chad as 17, lean and he was 6' 2". His life was basketball, and he was good at it, too. Today was his and his teams' huge game. It was the championship game, and Chad's team (Morristown) was in it. The game was at six o'clock. Chad took a shower. After that, he got dressed, and went to his high school for the game. He got into the locker room to see most of the team already there. He said hello to his teammates, and then he went to put his game jersey on, laced up his shoes, and he was ready to go. At that time, his coach signaled the whole team to circle in so he could tell them the game plan. Everybody listened to every little detail, even the guys who goofed around a lot. Everyone knew they had to take this seriously. The starting five for Morristown was going to be Chad as point guard, his best friend, Kevin, as forward, a guy named Jack as center, another guy Chris as guard and one last person Derek as power forward.
Jack was going to go for the jump ball against someone shorter than him. The ref threw the basketball in the air, and the guy across Jack jumped way up in the air, but because of Jack's size,(he was 6' 6") he was able to tip it to us. Derek caught the ball, and brought it up the court. He went towards the left lane, juked out his man and passed it to Kevin who was in the opposite corner. Kevin was deadly at three point range, so he shot it up nice and easy. Morristown 3, Toms River, 0. The guy who brought the ball up for Toms River was their star. His name was Will Beasley and he was 6' 3". A lot of scouts came to the Toms River games to see him, Chad had heard. Chad had seen a lot of scouts at this game, more than he's ever seen at a high school game. Beasley brought it down the court. He was Chad's man. Chad was holding him pretty tight. The whole Morristown team was playing good defense, too. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 15-9, Morristown leading. In the second quarter, Toms River was playing sloppy. They were relying on Beasley too much, which wasn't going to take them too far. Beasley loved to shoot three's, and he was good at them, too. But every possession for Toms River Beasley was the man who had to score. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 22-13, Morristown winning. At halftime, some of Morristown’s players were tired. Chad wasn't, he was ready to play.

The Toms River coach was yelling like crazy to the whole team at halftime. He was telling them all their mistakes, and not one of the players said a word. The Toms River coach decided to draw up a new game plan. Toms River had a player named Rick Westbrook. He was a short, lanky guy, but he sure could shoot three's. He shot three's, but that was his whole game. Since Beasley was an all around player, he was going to focus on his inside game while Westbrook would take care of the three's. At the start of the third quarter, it was Toms Rivers' show. Their new game plan was working great. Westbrook kept draining three's, while Beasley dominated inside. Westbrook already had three three's halfway through the third quarter. Morristown decided to take a timeout. Their response was to put Jack on Westbrook, mainly because of his size. At first, that didn't really help, but after a little while, Westbrook was out of the equation. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 31-29, Morristown in the lead.
The fourth quarter was a real shootout. Neither of the two teams were playing good defense. Each team was really relying on their stars, which, in Morristown's case, was Chad, and Toms Rivers case, was Beasley. Finally, with two minutes left, things started to get real interesting. The score was 51-50, Toms River leading. Now Toms River had the ball. Beasley brought it up. He juked out Chad and shot up a three. Now it was 54-50. Kevin, the great three point shooter for Morristown, brought the ball up. He passed it to Derek, who was in the left lane. Derek then quickly passed right back to Kevin, who was open in the right corner. He flicked the ball up and it was all net, to make it 54-53. Now one minute left. Beasley brought the ball down. He tried to pass it to someone on his team but Chad intercepted it. He sprinted down the lane with the ball and made a nice dunk to make the score 55-54. Now another guy for Toms River brought the ball down. He passed it to Beasley, who passed it to a wide open Westbrook. He shot a quick three to make the score 57-55.
Now Chad brought the ball down for Morristown, and he passed it to Chris, Morristown's guard. He passed it back to Chad who tried to go inside but was fouled. He missed the first free throw, but made the second. The score now was 57-56, Toms River with the lead with 30 seconds left. Beasley brought the ball down. They were just trying to run the clock out and not do anything stupid. Beasley tried to pass to the Toms River center, but Jack intercepted it. The Morristown coach quickly took a timeout. The plan was if Chad was open, he would shoot it, but if he wasn’t, he would pass it to whoever was open. Chad brought the ball down with 15 seconds left. Beasley was covering him tight, so he passed it to Derek, who passed it to an open Kevin, who shot it up. It seemed like the ball was in the air forever, but when it came down, it hit the back rim and shot into the air. Chad was by the foul line. As the ball was in the air, Chad launched himself into the air and caught the ball. As he came down, he positioned himself so he was near the hoop and dunked right over Beasley.
Right after that, the buzzer rang. Game over. Morristown 58, Toms River 57. Everyone on the Morristown game threw there hands up in victory. The entire gym went crazy. After Morristown shook hands with everyone on Toms River, the celebration began. Chad was ecstatic, and he knew he would never forget this moment.

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