November 1, 2010
By , belmont, NY
She quickly dodges the rushing children. She looks back at the angles and the fairies that run with carelessness. She smiles at the mummies and the plastic smelling zombies and the ghosts. There all covered up in hats and mittens and swamped in coats. She looks forward again and smiles in sympathy to the father desperately trying to fix his daughters cracked pumpkin bucket. As she slides around the pair she walks down the sidewalk clear of people for a moment. She can hear the sounds of laughing children, of gigging teens, of exasperated parents. She glances up at the dark houses with out a porch light on without a person giving out candy. Who lives there she wonders she can see the TV flickering thru the windows. But she soon crosses the street and joins the host of others. And doesn’t dwell on those who don’t but instead on those who do.

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Merilygrlrox said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 4:02 pm
Good Job...!
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