November 1, 2010
My head shoots up at the sound of the bell, waking me from my gentle sleep. I stand up and walk out the door just like the rest of the class is, eager to run to the next class so the day will go by quicker and we can all go home. Running into at least three people in the hallway, I wave my hand in apology and just keep on walking. Ripping open the door to my locker, I throw my books in and slam the door, thinking that I'm wasting another day here. I walk to the library with no books and sit in a chair in the far back, laying my head down and falling asleep for the second time.
I'm waken up by an old librarian with a chip on her shoulder only seven minutes later. There's at least forty-five minutes of school left so I try to make the best of it by logging onto a computer and looking up random pictures on the internet. The bell rings and I walk to the front entrance, dragging my feet and yawning. I place my hand on the door and push, but only the door doesn't move. I push again, this time with two hands, but to no avail, the door isn't budging. After a few minutes the entire school is pushing on the doors, punching the doors, one kid threw a metal trash can at the glass, but it just simply bounced off, not doing anything.
Five more minutes have passed and kids are running all over the school, looking for all the other doors, windows, hell one kid even tried to climb up a skylight, but it was the same story everywhere, nothing would open and nothing would break. Then the hallways were flooded by the noise of the intercom saying: "All students to the auditorium, all students to the auditorium." Most of the kids went to the auditorium, filing in like a bunch of ants scurrying over to an anthill. Only me and a few of my friends stayed put, looking around at all the others. Once all of the kids were inside, the doors closed and when I went over to see if they would open again, the handle didn't even budge an inch.
Placing my ear to the door, I cover my hand around the other one to see what I can hear on the other side. Nothing at first, but then a slight popping noise reaches my ears. It was to low for me to guess what it was, but I didn't have to because almost instantly after I heard the popping noises, a huge BANG echoed through the hallway. A short, black haired kid that stayed behind with us seemed to be shoved forwards, his chest exploding and a fresh coat of blood painted the floor. Standing there awestruck, I must have looked like an easy target because another BANG echoed through the hall and the ceiling above my head seemed to explode, sending a shower of plaster down on me.
I ducked down and jumped into the next hallway, placing my back against the lockers. A girl is shot in the shoulder and she spins to the ground, her bloody shoulder sending blood all over the hallway. I can see my locker from here, so I make a dash for it across the other hallway, but I'm greeted by the barrel of a twelve gauge. The man is huge, had to be seven feet tall, his features hidden by a metal mask, studded with two slits where the eyes would be. His clothing was all black, but his coat was dark brown. He lifted the gun at me, but when he pulled the trigger he was met by a faint click. Not giving the man any time to reload his gun, I punched him right in the neck, sending him to the ground. I hear his gagging under the mask, so I kick him in the throat again, there is a slight snap and the man goes limp.
You would think that I would feel bad about killing the man, but in reality I wasn't, it was a kill or be killed moment and I didn't want to die. I picked up the shotgun and went through the man’s pockets, stuffing as many shells that I could into my pants pockets. Another man saw me from the other hallway and took a shot at me, he would have killed me if the hadn't been for another kid that tried to stop him, unfortunately he wasn't as quick as I was. Placing my back to the lockers again, I started to load the shotgun. After I counted five shells in the chamber, I looked around the corner, and I almost got my face blown off. He was halfway down the hall, taking a shot at whatever moved, but his sights were almost completely on me.
I whipped around and took a shot at him, just barley missing, and before I could get back to the lockers, he clipped me in the side of my left arm. I fell to the ground in pain, crawling back behind the lockers. It was bleeding so much, but my adrenaline kicked in awhile ago, and all I wanted to do was get out of here alive. I lay back and raise the shotgun with my right arm, waiting for him to come around the corner. He did to, cocky as he was, and got shot in the stomach, sending him flying. Standing up took a lot of energy and I had to lean on the lockers just to stay up. He wasn't dead I soon realized, when he started pulling a .45 out of his jacket. I shot him in the head, almost blowing it off, not giving him a chance to shoot me.
Wobbling over to the dead man I scoop up the pistol, and stick it into my back pocket. I hear a lot of rounds going off in the hall across from mine, so I start wobbling in that direction. Once I get there, I see another one of the men in masks shooting his assault rifle at a bunch of kids trying to flee into a classroom. He almost kills all of them, but I take a shot at him before he does. I miss, but it makes him jump pretty far back, I pump the shotgun with my left hand, grunting at the use of my bad arm. He takes a few more shots at me, but his clip runs out so he drops his gun and reaches into his jacket.
I have the shotgun raised before he pulls out the handgun, but when I pull the trigger, this time I’m the one whose gun makes a little click. I curse and drop the gun, barley getting out of the way of the man’s now drawn handgun. Pulling out the .45 that I stole, I look around the corner. He’s gone where he stood there is only a few empty shells. Letting out a sigh of relief, I start walking out of cover. That was a mistake. Three loud pops echo down the hallway, and my chest explodes in pain. I fall to the ground, starring dumbly at the three new bullet holes in my chest.
My vision starts to blur, and blood seeps off of my chest and makes a small puddle in the middle of the floor. He’s standing over me now, his handgun pointed at me, but after a couple seconds he lowers it and starts to walk away. Now that was his mistake. I rolled over and picked up the .45 that I had dropped when he shot me. I let out a loud roar and started pulling the trigger in his direction. The first shot misses, but I get my aim before he has time to shoot me and I unload my entire magazine into his chest. He falls to his knees and places his hand on his stomach, trying to stop his blood from gushing out. I fire the last bullet into his head and he jolts back, dying instantly.
I drop the .45 and look up at the ceiling, and what I see makes me smile. That’s how I died, on a Friday afternoon, in a school, looking up at an open skylight with a grin spread across my face.

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Awesomeasian said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 8:45 pm
That is awesome dude, nicely written..i love it!
J.AustinLeek replied...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 8:43 am
thanks man
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