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October 27, 2010
By sHadOwdUDe BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
sHadOwdUDe BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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The crew was restless last night.I guess I can"t complain.It's been a longe Trip since the commencing day. My crew was suppost to fix an air ship that went silent two weeks ago. We should of been there days ago but we were procrastinated when our ship broke down out of no where. Once the rookie was able to fix the problen we took off to find the ship. we could see the ship in sight we approached it. We sent out signals to ask what the problems was. Nothing but the dead silence of the water. So like any other captian would do is check it out. We came to the ship and we noticed something in the water following us. Whatever it was it swallowed the engine from the bottom up. We had to get on the silent ship. We boarded the ship. Something was wrong. There was a wreched stench in the air. We needed to find the captain. we kept moving until we got to the bunkers. We could here a soft sound in the walls. Something was scurring around. Then a blood shout scream was behind my crew. one of my men then suddenly disappeared. My crew thn sprinted to the outside of the bunkers. And one by one my crew disappeared. It was just me left. I securred an motor boat that was on the side of the ship. when I got it to the water I could of swore I saw my crew watching me. but there was something wrong they didnt call out to me or anything. I then was captured by the police when I got to land. I was charged with murder for my missing crew. But I know that one day i will get proof one day. This is the Cessation of my transmission.

The author's comments:
Just a story I was supost to write in my english class.

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